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5 Fascinating Facts About Education That We Bet You Didn’t Know!


Are you someone who loves devouring knowledge? Is someone curious to discover facts and stats? If yes, have you heard about the largest school in the world? Ever imagined floating schools? So here are some of the fascinating facts about education to widen your knowledge again!

Oldest University In India

Nalanda University, nestled in Bihar, is believed to be the oldest university in the world. This ancient university, built back in the 5th century during the magnificent era of Gupta, also shines for being the first residential university. Around 10,000 students were taught from here. The sprawling libraries of this magnificent building housed around nine million books. Currently, the mind-blowing site of this university is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Finland School System

Are you someone who often puts on your thinking cap and questions the flaws of our school system? Ever imagined any appropriate system? Well! Finland has an intriguing system where the children start school only when they hit 7 years old. Before the age of 7, Finnish children indulge in creative and physical activities. Also, Finnish students are lucky enough to have 15 minutes of break after every 45 minutes of class.

Largest School In the World

Here comes the largest school “City Montessori School” nestled in Lucknow. CMS houses around 55, 547 students, grabbing a position in Guinness World Book. You’ll be surprised to know that during its initial days, back in 1959, Dr Jagadish Gandhi and his wife taught the students from their own house by seating five children in a room. This school has also garnered the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

Boat Schools in Bangladesh

You must be familiar with houseboats, but have you ever imagined floating schools, libraries, and many more? Bangladesh has an astounding fleet of boat schools that let students swallow chapters while breathing the view. These floating schools serve as both school buses and schoolhouses, with 30 students in each boat.

Longest Homework

Are you someone who gets annoyed when completing homework? Well! Be grateful that you don’t have 14 hours of homework in a week. Chinese students have to spend so much time on a staggering amount of homework. According to reports, teenagers in China invest at least two hours every day to complete their homework.

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