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Super Why to Word Girl: 5 Educational Cartoons To Nurture Your Kid’s Learning Skill


Does your kid get thrilled to immerse in the animated world of fictional characters? From Super Why to Word Girl, there are some educational cartoons packed with fun-spilling adventures. These animated series will nurture your child’s brain to spell words, develop imagination and instill the curiosity to delve into the wonders of the world. If you’re excited to see them learn and shine, here’s a list of cartoons to show them!

Super Why!

Super Why is for the ones who enjoy “Superhero” cartoons soused with fun-jammed adventures. In this unique educational cartoon, your kids will be taken to adventures through books. The incredible blend of magic, adventure, and education will grab your child’s attention and help them learn word after word.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer revolves around Dora, Boots, and their adventurous journey to their destination. The series will make your child clap, tap, dance, sing, and swirl with Dora while involving them in the adventure where they’re mostly encouraged to repeat words along with Dora. The constant repetitions of words will immensely help them comprehend and spell things. From talking bags to maps, every little thing is hilariously presented to keep toddlers engaged.

The Magic School Bus

Here comes another adventurous cartoon with explorational journeys. The Magic School Bus is an interesting TV series that centers around Ms. Frizzle and her field trips with eight students. From the wonders of the sky to the miracles beneath the ocean, the series will nurture your child’s curiosity while introducing them to science and nature.


Kids love seeing everything with their eyes and hands. In Numberblocks, number blocks talk and amuse kids with hilariously gripping games, songs, and puzzles. Your kids will surely love the Numberland planet, and be thrilled to dive into the mathematical adventures.

Word Girl

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your child’s vocabulary, Word Girl can help your child by immersing them in a fun-packed adventure. Each episode will introduce some vocabulary and will teach your kids on “how” and “when” to use them. Some cartoons teach words, but Word Girl will also teach the appropriate context to use them.

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