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Back-to-School: Creative First-Day Activities For A Fun-Filled, Fabulous Beginning!


Some students want their first day to be as free as an ocean while other students sit as silent as mice with slices of back-to-school anxiety. But as a teacher, you need to put on your thinking cap and find creative ways to engage students and ensure a fun-filled, fabulous beginning. From Name Game to Two Truths and a Lie, here’s the list of first-day activities to make your students go pitter-patter!

Name Game

If you’ve heard of the Netflix Series Anne With An E, you must be familiar with “the name game” that Miss Stacy made her students play on her first day. Well! So students have to come up with adjectives starting with the first letters of their names. For example, Anne Shirley Cuthbert is Academic, Spirited, and Creative.

Writing a Letter to Your Future Self

What could be more interesting than writing a letter to one’s future self? Let them pour their expectations and dreams for the academic year ahead, about the scores they’ll earn and the person they’ll become by the end of the year. Writing letters can enhance their writing skills as well as the realms of their imagination. Collect those letters and distribute them once they’re done with the academic year, they’ll be surprised to read the letters from their past selves.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a hilariously interesting game to make your students connect with the school environment. The touring school experience will break the ice and engage the students, turning their first day into a fun-packed day to remember. Scavenger Hunt will also break the gap between students and cement it with beer and Skittles.

Would You Rather ?

Would you rather let students have a creatively hilarious first day or make them drift straight into lessons? Here comes “the would you rather” fun-filled questions! By playing this game, you’ll get to know your students better, and also it’ll help students connect. For example: Ask them, “Would you rather be a superhero or someone invisible?” and encourage the students to delve into deep thoughts regarding this.

Two Truths And a Lie

This is going to make the whole class busy with guessing and chortling! Each student has to write two truths and one believable lie about themselves and let others find out which among them is a lie. This game will also help each other know better.

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