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4 Stalker Movies Like “Baby Reindeer” That Will Keep You Riveted Till The Very End!


Baby Reindeer is blowing up on Netflix for its nerve-wracking plot interknitted with devastating dark themes. This stalker series, directed and starring Richard Gadd, is based on Gadd’s real life where he was the prey of haunting trauma and grievous stalking. If you’ve loved watching this enthralling dark comedy, we’ve gathered some arresting stalker movies like Baby Reindeer to keep you glued to the screen till the very end.

One Hour Photo (2002)

Ever imagined a photo technician developing a menacing obsession with customers? One Hour Photo is a gripping psychological thriller that centers around a lonely man named Sy Parrish, who gradually waters disturbing obsession with Yorkin’s family to the extent of drifting into fantasies where he’s a blithesome uncle of Yorkin. But one day, Sy finds out about Will’s affair, shattering his bewitchingly molded fantasy and disrupting his mental state.

It Follows (2014)

It Follows is an intriguingly gripping movie that centers around Jay and a sexually transmitted curse. After having sex with her new boyfriend named Hugh, Jay is left behind with a terrifying curse where a creepy entity who takes many forms, will keep stalking Jay. If “It” succeeds in catching Jay, Jay will be brutally killed. But Jay can transfer the curse to someone else through sex, and can have some more time before the new person gets killed by this supernatural entity and the curse gets reverted to Jay. But will Jay ever be able to escape from this nerve-wracking entity?

Invisible Man (2020)

If you’re a voracious reader, you must be familiar with this title. Yes, this is the movie adaptation of Invisible Man by H.G. Wells with some riveting changes. When Cecelia is finally trying to fit the puzzle pieces of her life back together after the death of her abusive ex, she begins experiencing something inexplicable, a disturbing presence of something invisible. Will she ever be free from being haunted by this invisible presence?

The Watcher (2022)

Here comes the unsettling stalker series inspired by real-life incidents. The Watcher revolves around a wealthy couple who move into their new home, but soon their dream house turns into a nightmare. Letters from a stalker under the pseudonym of “watcher” chilled the couple’s blood now and then. In the true story, the identity of Watcher still remains as an unsolved mystery.

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