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Latitude: Love with Space. Is It Right For You?


Ah, love. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, everchanging and unique to every person. In our new world, love is everything you can imagine, seeing no boundaries. This called for a new relationship model – Living Apart, Together, or LAT.

LAT is a committed relationship where partners choose to maintain separate living spaces. It’s a conscious decision, not a compromise or a stepping stone to cohabitation. This arrangement offers a unique blend of togetherness and independence, challenging traditional notions of a “successful” relationship. Is it love, or is it all an act? Let us dive into the world of LAT.

Why LAT?

LAT may sound like a useless concept that does nothing but help make relationships worse, but it’s the opposite. Instead, a long-distance relationship enables you to pursue your interests autonomously, strengthening your bond further.

  • You’re also less likely to fight over daily routines or minor inconveniences, and there are more opportunities to focus on bonding.
  • Oh, and not being together actually makes you… more together? That’s right, LAT couples often report heightened excitement and anticipation when they reunite, keeping the spark alive.
  • Also, you can maintain separate finances, empowering and alleviating financial strain within the relationship.
  • Finally, LAT is a flexible arrangement. You can still have your preferences. It can adapt to various lifestyles and is the perfect temporary solution to long-term commitment.

Making LAT Work

  • Maintaining regular communication is vital to maintaining intimacy and connection. Discuss your needs, feelings, and any concerns openly.
  • Schedule regular dates and prioritize spending quality time together. Plan activities that you both enjoy create shared experiences and strengthen your bond.
  • Be honest about your needs and feelings. Trust is important in any relationship, especially in LAT, where you are not physically present in each other’s daily lives.
  • Lastly, be flexible and respect space. Avoid being overly possessive or controlling.

Remember that LAT is not a static arrangement. Be flexible to each other’s needs, and make it bearable.

The Future of LAT

LAT is a growing trend, and for good reason. It offers a viable alternative to traditional relationship models, allowing couples to create a partnership that truly reflects their needs and desires. LAT is a testament that love can thrive in many forms and that freedom and commitment are not mutually exclusive.

If you and your partner value independence, space, and personal growth, LAT might be the love that sets you free.

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