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‘Laapatha Ladies’, A Movie That Unveils The Candid Views Of The Society


Though physically present in the world, women often live with a sense of missing identity.  In a world where individuality is celebrated, the vanished identities of women remain an impactful yet often overlooked narrative. Consider the women you’ve encountered, perhaps even in your own life, who seem to have their identities overshadowed or forgotten.  Have you ever encountered people who neglect their lives due to their obligations and responsibilities?

‘Laapatha Ladies ‘, a Kiran Rao-directed movie produced by Aamir Khan, is a powerful social commentary on the inequalities faced by women in our society. This Bollywood movie is a light-hearted masterpiece that unveils many layers of social patriarchy and the identity crisis of womanhood. A seemingly ordinary wedding scene in a remote village unfolds into an unexpected drama, a turning point that reshapes the entire narrative. Since Phool and Jaya, the brides, are unintentionally switched since they are wearing matching veils, the story takes a thought-provoking turn. The hero’s quest to find his missing bride leads to a series of events that challenge societal norms and prompt viewers to reflect on these issues.

The Two Women

Phool and Jaya, two distinct identities of women, eventually cross their paths and embrace each other. Phool, a simple village girl, is a devoted daughter and innocent wife. Her character embodies the traditional roles of women that have long been celebrated in society, roles that are often tied to responsibilities and others. Initially portrayed as a timid and underconfident girl, Phool gradually finds her voice and courage, eventually gaining the confidence to travel alone and assert her independence. We witness a transformed Phool, a woman who no longer feels bound by societal expectations and boldly calls her husband by his name, not hiding her face with the veil that once defined her. 

On the other side of the story, Jaya, aka Pushparani, is an ambitious and bold girl who has always dreamt of reaching a high position in society.  She is an intelligent and generous young woman who loves to see the world in pursuit of her passion.  

Reflection Of Society

The movie Laapatha Ladies introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with unique traits and roles. Manju Mai, an independent woman running a tea shop at the railway station, Deepak, an innocent and loving groom who was never ready to leave his bride, and a selfish Pradeep who only focuses on money are all characters that add depth to the narrative. The inspector, who proves that truth and kindness still have a place in the human heart, is another character that sparks meaningful thoughts. 

‘Laapatha Ladies’ is a movie that resonates with our personal experiences. In our busy lives and responsibilities, we often forget to focus on ourselves, our talents, and our hobbies, which bring us joy.  The movie encourages us to look inward, discover ourselves, and live for our dreams. It gently teaches us the importance of self-love, a prerequisite for loving others.

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