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Revived fashion Trends

The Wolf Haircut To Vintage Kitten Heels: Things To Know About The Revived Fashion Trends


It’s a rapidly changing world, and you need to run faster than a speeding bullet to grasp the latest trend. While the furor over some trends fades within the twinkling of an eye, the obsession over retro and vintage trends continues to thrive. From wolf haircuts to vintage kitten heels, social media are flooded with fashion fads inspired by the old-school style. If you’re a voguish person who’s excited to embrace the new trends,  here’s the list of some revived fashion trends that you need to immediately follow. 

Wolf Haircut

Wolf haircut, the haircut fuelled by Tiktok and Instagram, is a blend of two old-school styles, the mullet and shaggy haircut. This trendiest haircut will give your hair a wild touch with its uneven, choppy layers and shaggy bangs. Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus were the ones to flourish in this trend. Though this haircut can suit all hair types, it looks perfectly fine on thick hair because of the incredible volume and texture it can make. Classic wolf cut, textured wolf cut, graduated wolf cut and the slim Korean wolf cut are some of the trending types of wolf haircuts.

Y2K Fashion

Yes! Y2K Fashion, the early 2000s aesthetic, is coming back. This fashion is characterised by bold colours like bright orange, pink, neon green and electric blue.  Y2K fashion stands out for spreading the space-age vibe with its glossy, metallic fabrics. Another striking part of this trend is the big logos that are big enough to be spotted from a distance. Y2K was believed to have flourished by the celebrities of that time, especially Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Currently, this trend is garnering attention for its cross-generational appeal. If you’re a fashionista who wants to style this bold look, don’t forget to wear oversized sunglasses. 

Vintage Kitten Heels

Kitten Heel is sneaking up again for their incredible walkability. These comfortably low-heeled shoes can be styled with mini skirts, skinny jeans, baggy jeans etc. They’re embraced for their incredible versatility. This trend originated back in the 60s, but they were also a part of Y2K fashion. From open chapels to closed-toe to boot style, you can choose the best that suits the season and your taste. If you’re someone who prioritizes comfort along with fashion, then you should style your outfit with kitten heels for a classy look.

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