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Cottagecore to Mob Wife: Recap of Some Trending Fashion And Lifestyle Aesthetics 


Aesthetics continue to flourish and perish one after another. From Barbiecore to Mob Wife, some trends are inspired by the lifestyle of a particular primitive time while others are crafted after certain films. Though trends are often short lived, vintage trends such as Cottagecore are standing the test of time. If you’re someone who’s excited to adopt a style to mould a new dashing identity for you, here’s the recap of some latest aesthetics for you to explore.


Ever dreamt of living far away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Cottagecore aesthetic embraces slow-paced life, inspired by the quiet, harmonious life in the countryside. This aesthetic is characterised by whimsical clothes with puff sleeves, frills,  high neckline,  eyelet detailing etc. Bake bread and fruit cakes, sew your own clothes, light a scented candle, read cosy books, indulge in gardening and leisurely stroll through the purple carpet of lavender. In other words, cottagecore is about clasping sustainable living while connecting oneself with nature.

Dark Academia

Are you someone who’s so into art and literature? Dark academia is an academic aesthetic that embraces classical art and literature. Wear outfits soaked in dark colours like burgundy,  brown, maroon. This spooky aesthetic sneaked up again with the popularity of Wednesday Addams. Another notable series that depicts this aesthetic is Harry Potter. Romanticise everything intellectual, dive in classical literature with tragic, gothic and existential themes. Don’t forget to admire museums and sculptures! 


It’s the blend of ultimate Girlycore and old English style. It’s all about adding feminine touch with bows and delicate jewellery.  Coquette aesthetic revolves around pastel makeup, ballet flats, mini skirts, floral dresses, lace, ruffles and many more. Singers like Lana Del Rey are the perfect example of Coquette Aesthetic. If you’re someone who’s so fond of the Victorian era, the coquette aesthetic with its modern spin can satisfy you. 

Mob Wife 

Mob wife aesthetic is currently spreading all over like wildfire. Mob wife replicates the look of mafia wives in pop culture. This bold and expressive aesthetic is characterised by fur coats and animal printed dresses. Put on sunglasses bigger than your eyes, coat your lips with dark lip shades, let your eyes go smokey, ornament yourself with gold jewellery, and finally, don’t forget to show attitude! Though it’s widely embraced by fashionistas, the trend is criticised for its association with violence.

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