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4 Luxurious Indian Trains To Explore The Treasures Of India!


Ever dreamt of travelling in the comfort of a cosy train like the one featured in Murder on the Orient Express? From Maharajas’ Express to the Deccan Odyssey, India has some mind-blowing luxurious trains that will give you the magnificent experience of the bygone era of kings and queens. With their intriguing interiors, butler services, striking suits, restaurants with delectable cuisines and modern amenities, you’ll feel lavishly cosseted. If you’re someone who has money to burn, why not pack up to explore India’s rich heritage while enduring the richness of these Uber-luxury trains? 

Maharajas’ Express 

Maharajas’ Express, owned by IRCTC, is a majestical train that replicates the magnificent style of the bygone era. This train has four beautiful cabins named deluxe cabin, a suite cabin, a presidential cabin, and a junior cabin. From Wifi to private guides to personalised meals, Maharajas Express ensures a sumptuously comfortable and unforgettable experience. This luxurious train can take you on five various routes to explore the timeless treasures and natural wonders of India from Mumbai to Delhi. 

Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey, operated by Indian Railways and MTDC, has beautifully crafted cabins with the elegant touch of royalty, washrooms with luxurious toiletries, and modern amenities from spas to salons and restaurants that will serve you scrumptious cuisines. The exterior of this magnificent train is elegantly bathed in blue hue. Deccan Odyssey can take you to 6 routes from Mumbai to Delhi. The routes are Heritage Odyssey,  Cultural Odyssey, Indian Sojourn, Maharashtra Splendor, Indian Odyssey and Maharashtra Wild Trail Journey. 

Palace On Wheels

Palace on Wheels of RTDC is another breathtaking luxurious train that offers luxurious cabins. The Nizams of Hyderabad as well as the kings of Gujarat once used this magnificently crafted train for travelling. With all its exquisite paintings and wallpapers that reflect the local culture, Palace On Wheels will make you feel like a royal member. There are 39 deluxe cabins and 2 super deluxe cabins. Palace On Wheels can take you to show the richness of Delhi.

The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen established in 1855, is a timeless treasure of India that’s still being operated. The incredible interior of this majestic train was inspired by the British era. The Fairy Queen stands out for its steam locomotive that makes one feel nostalgic.  If you want to experience the cultural as well as the natural beauty of Rajasthan, this vintage train will ensure a brief yet unforgettable trip. 

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