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Excited For Squid Game Season 2? 5 Kdramas Expected to Storm in 2024


The world continues to be chilling and living in K-Phase. The Hallyu or K-wave propelled by intriguing Kdramas and Kpops may take another groundbreaking leap with what it has in store for us in this year. Here are a few upcoming Kdramas to add to your watch list. 

All of Us Are Dead Season 2

All of Us Are Dead, the most thrilling zombie apocalyptic series that premiered on Netflix is expected to storm with season 2 this year.  The director, Lee Jae-Kyoo has already confirmed in one of the interviews that he “intentionally” made a space for season 2 in season 1, and that the upcoming season will feature, “powerful and evolved zombies”.

Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game has garnered gigantic success, and is set to come with another most anticipated season by the end of this year. The K-drama portrays a deadly game involving 456 financially troubled players risking their life to win around 35 million US dollars, interpreted as highlighting the theme of capitalism has become the most applauded series ever. 

Sweet Home Season 3

Sweet Home, the monster hit Korean drama that first premiered in 2020, is expected to come with the third and final season in 2024. The drama is based on a webtoon with the same name, “Sweet Home” by Yongchan Hwang. In season three, Eun hyeok is expected to return as the most powerful monster. 

Hellbound season 2

Hellbound is a dark fantasy featuring the appearance of haunting apparitions before the ones who feel guilty and issuing decrees of when they would be damned to hell. This series is inspired by the director Yeon Sang-ho’s own webtoon with the same name. Back in 2022, Netflix confirmed about the upcoming season of Hellbound. It is expected to be released this year. 

Weak Class Hero 2

Weak Class Hero is a terrifyingly beautiful Kdrama that depicts the theme of high school bullying. This Kdrama, just like most super hits, is said to have been inspired by a webtoon series with the same name. But most parts including the names of the characters have been changed. Weak Class Hero season 2 is expected to premiere this year on Netflix, but the exact date has not yet been officially announced. 

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