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Path To Harmony – 7 Yoga Postures to Lower Hypertension!


Yoga is the ancient science of living mindfully and healthily.Yoga has a lot of health benefits. Today, people are more aware of the significance of yogic practices. Studies about yoga and breathing exercises prove that such practices are good for managing various lifestyle diseases,like hypertension.

Yoga For Blood Pressure

Even though you are under medication for high BP, practical tips can also reduce hypertension to some extent. Lifestyle changes can help you with this. Here, we explain some yogasanas that have been proven to be good for reducing blood pressure.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

The benefits of balasana include complete body relaxation and muscle – spine stretching. It helps relieve pelvic tension and thus aids in hip health. This is an excellent pose that helps increase the blood flow to the brain and neck. Practising child pose is proven to be helpful for good digestion. This asana improves blood circulation inside the body and helps reduce high blood pressure. 

Sethubandhasana ( Bridge Pose)

Sethuvandhanasana is the best posture for stretching your back and thus releasing any muscle tension. This yoga posture stimulates internal organs and thus increases blood circulation in your body. Therefore, this yogasana helps in the proper functioning of body organs like  thyroid gland. Practicing sethubandhasana regularly will lower blood pressure. 

Pashchimottasana ( Seated Forward Bend)

This posture has a lot of benefits, as it helps stretch the body and abdominal muscles, thus increasing digestion. It calms the nervous system and improves blood flow to the brain. Pashchimottasana helps enhance the health of the digestive system and lower blood pressure. 

Baddhakonasana ( Butterfly Pose)

In a variety of yoga postures, baddhakonasana acts as a hip opener. This posture improves digestion and relieves stress. This is the best posture to improve the health of the lower body parts. Furthermore, it reduces fluctuations in blood pressure.

Janu Shirshasana (Head To Knee Bending)

Janu shirshasana is also beneficial in reducing high blood pressure. This helps calm the body’s muscles by stretching and relieving stress.

Ardha Matsyendrasana ( The Spinal Twist)

This posture cultivates flexibility of the spine. It relieves stress on the neck and upper back. It helps proper blood circulation in body parts and reduces high blood pressure. 

Shavasana ( Corpse Pose)

Shavasana is a relaxing posture that gives instant stress relief. Usually, after intense yoga practices, one has to do Shavasana to relax the body and mind. This posture is a meditative stage where the body absorbs all the nutrients released during the practice. The internal organs and cells relax in this posture, providing proper blood flow and calmness. 

High blood pressure is the most common health condition among youngsters and older people today. Many people don’t even understand that they have issues with hypertension. Several factors cause high BP, including genetic conditions, stress, and lifestyle. But this health condition should not be neglected because if you ignore it, it can cause severe health hazards. Following proper eating habits and practicing yoga will help you lead a healthy life. 

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