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Anti-snoring Pillow to Mood Boosting Mirror: Weirdest AI Gadgets Uncovered in CES 2024


This year’s CES was exceptionally captivating with ridiculously quirky and weird gadgets. A toothbrush that talks to you? A mirror that boosts your mood? A pillow to stop snoring?  Yes, the Generative AI has turned CES 2024 into an awe-striking dreamland of tech. Here are a few weirdest and wackiest gadgets that will make your jaw drop. 

BMind AI Smart Mirror

Baracoda’s BMind AI Smart Mirror is a magical mirror powered by Generative AI to analyse the mood and expression of the person looking at the mirror. The mirror will ask questions like “how’s your day” and help you with self affirmations and guided meditations. It comes with an omnidirectional microphone to detect voice, a 4K ultra-HD camera and face id locker.

PureWash E930 Bidet Seat

It sounds ridiculously weird to have a toilet that listens to you, right? Kohler’s PureWash E930 bidet toilet seat powered by Alexa and Google assistant let you boss your toilet by commanding. From sensing your presence to automatically opening the seat for you to providing front and rear wash modes, it makes everything hilariously easy. 

Motion Pillow

Motion Pillow by 10minds sets a significant step in improving sleep quality. It detects snoring and inflates air in the pillow inorder to slightly lift the head of the snorer, in an attempt to curb the snoring. Apart from alleviating snoring, it aims to reduce the risk of sleep apnea.

Urtopia Fusion

You won’t be alone on a lonely trail as long as you’ve Urtopia Fusion. This AI integrated ebike is designed to take you on an entertaining ride full of conversations, with route tracking to getting real time information. It integrates WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. 

Oclean X Ultra S Smart Toothbrush 

Unlike other smart toothbrushes,  Oclean X Ultra S smart toothbrush gives you a brushing score to even instant feedback on your brushing.  The toothbrush will not only let you know if you’re putting pressure while brushing, but also provide you tips to improve your dental health. 

Smart String i4

ANSSil’s Smart String i4 shines in the category of digital healthcare by winning the Innovation Award at CES 2024. This special smart mattress is designed of strings rather than springs. It analyses sleep patterns and even ensures a better sleeping environment with a unique feature to change the texture of this smart mattress.