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Hidden places to explore in Chennai – Explore the unexplored


Chennai is known for its very own leisure places viz., Marina Beach, Guindy National Park, Semmozhi Poonga, Chennai Lighthouse, Madras War Cemetery, etc., In addition to these places there are few other hidden and unexplored places in the Chennai.

Hidden lake

unknown places in chennai

Located a Kilometer away from Chennai International Airport, Hidden Lake is such a beauty to visit within the city limits. Abounded quarries led to the creation of this majestic place. A short trek in the Thirusullam hills takes you to the lake. Of course, it is a hidden gem for the Chennaiites who have been never got to see such an overview.

Broken Bridge

unknown places in chennai

Beautiful things needn’t always be perfect, they can also be broken, just like this Broken Bridge which connected Santhome Beach to Elliot’s beach. The Broken Bridge collapsed in 1977 and was never reconstructed and ended up becoming an eye- catching site. It is a bliss to watch the Sunrise and Sunset with your loved ones from this point.

Thirusullam Hills

unknown places in chennai

Located right behind the Thirusullam Railway station is easily accessible by road. This mountain region being the tallest hills gives a breath-taking view of the hidden lake and also the airport, especially when it is lit. There is Murugan temple – temple to the Hindu Lord Muruga. On the other side of the hill is a Church. Furthermore, there is a mosque on top of the hill. It is a thrill filled ride and gives an amazing view of the city.

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