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Explore the new-yoga with puppies


Yoga sessions are always calming and mind-full. It is more soothing and gleeful with puppies stretching around. That is exactly what Pawga does!

A few pet lovers met after a few years after college and came up with India’s first yoga session with puppies around and called it “Pawga”. With the love for animals and also their passion to help these cute Indies be adopted, they came up with the idea of doing yoga with puppies.

The main agenda is to adopt Indian puppies by conducting paid yoga sessions. Being regular volunteers at Blue Cross of India (BCI), they wanted to find a forever home for the Indies. Being inspired by the thought of pet yoga sessions in London and wanted to introduce them in India. They tied with BCI and had their first free session in 2020, where they wanted to see the reaction of the puppies and also the comfort of the participants who turned up.

The yoga sessions are held twice a month in various pet-friendly places for an hour. The entry fee may vary from 1000 to 1200 rupees, and a portion of it goes to the BCI for the welfare of the animals. It is therapeutic for both the puppies and the participants when these puppies come and lie down on your lap and lick your toes as you stretch during the session. It is a great initiative to find a forever home for these cute little pups.

It’s refreshing to play or simply spend time with animals, especially these adorable little pups wagging their tails and curling up in cosy corners or on your lap. It helps to calm down and it is good for the animals, as these puppies hardly get to interact with humans.

The puppies can be adopted on the same day, or you can go back to convince your family and adopt them later as well. The adoption process includes a few simple formalities and you can go home with your little friend waging their tail. With queries from cities like Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai they are planning to expand and conduct sessions soon.

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