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How important is it to take quick breaks during work?


Take a break – Rest is also productive

Being held up deadlines or intense work load puts you under the impression that there is no time to take a break. Taking a break does not mean you are falling off from work. It means you are taking care of you mind and body and giving it the pause that it needs. Researchers say that taking a break during work improves productivity and is beneficial to both the employee and employer. Taking regular breaks or at the time of saturation has also shown a positive impact with wellbeing and productivity.

Symptoms of being stressed

It is important to realize and react when you come across the signs that indicate that you need a break. Response to stress can be individual and may not be the same for everyone.

Difficulty in concentrating, lack of motivation/energy, isolation, falling sick periodically, lack of appetite, overeating, irregular sleep or feeling detached from family, friends or work any of these would be an indicator to pause and relax to continue efficiently.

Although taking short breaks during the work may not have apparent impacts as taking a day off or as going on a vacation. Researches have found that taking break can bring down or even avert stress, also helps to conserve energy for rest of the day and maintain the productivity level. A study found out that taking lunch breaks and short breaks improves energy level and decreases exhaustion. Moreover, later it was found to improve vigor and increase energy levels.

Ways to set it right

Breaks should be real break from work, i.e, moving from your work station and going for a walk outside. Breathing exercise or medicate for a while, write something down, call up someone, chat with colleague, grab some coffee, read a page, eat a healthy snack any of these could help not accumulate stress.

Social breaks are more beneficial, it helps to facilitate recovery. Conversation with peers, and chit chats for a short period of time develops a sense of belonging and feels being part of the team. This feeling of relatedness shows a positive association with feeling recovered after breaks.

Taking breaks is very important in recovering from stress. Relief from stress restores energy and helps to decrease the development of fatigue and sleeping disorders. Taking mini- breaks is important throughout the day. It helps physical and mental wellbeing and increases productivity.

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