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Moving to a safe and secure future with Electric Vehicles


Saving Our Planet

The toxic emission from our fossil fuel-driven cars are destroying our planet. The emission from EVs will be lower and will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

Looked as a great investment buy, EVs will help save you on fuel and gas. EVs come with minimum moving parts. This results in a substantial saving on your maintenance and repair costs.

Convenient Charging Points

EV will give you the option of charging your vehicle at the home. Easy and quick charge all at your convenience gives EVs a slight edge over fuel-driven cars

Better Offer Driving Experience

EVs a great driving experience. Key factors like lightweight and faster acceleration make driving an experience like never before.

Massive Reduction On Noise Pollution

The absence of an engine under the hood is a welcome change. This will reduce noise levels. EVs have the capability to function smoothly and silently.

Avail Huge Tax and Financial Benefits

To begin with, the road tax and the registration fees on EVs are much lesser compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. The Government of India has introduced various tax and financial benefits. These benefits may vary from state to state.

Fetch You Great Resale Value

Extremely easy and affordable to maintain, these cars will be in great demand in future. These cars have all the potential to fetch you a great resale value.

Is India ready for EVs?

To begin with, India is making slow but steady progress to get itself ready for the EV revolution. A survey done in 2021 showed that almost 97.5 % of all electric vehicles sold in India belonged to the two-wheeler segment. This definitely was a great start to India’s quest to go allelectric in the next decade or so.

Here are some challenges that need to be tackled as quickly as possible:

Better infrastructure: India is way behind the world when it comes to infrastructure. One of the main reasons why the EVs in the four-wheeler segment have taken a huge dent is because consumers feel that the country doesn’t have adequate charging stations and service points. Hence they prefer going back to the old variant.

A costly affair:

A recent survey revealed that the cost of owning a basic electric car is far higher than the average cost of an economical car. Moreover, many factors (economical and global) have crippled the purchasing power of an average Indian consumer.

An offer difficult to refuse:

The Government should implement uniform policies across the nation. It is absolutely essential to introduce subsidies and affordable schemes for loans. EV owners should get additional perks such as free parking, and paid parking at charging stations. They should also get huge reliefs on various taxes such as registration and road tax.

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