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The Best Smart Outdoor Safety Camera: Complete Review of Qubo Smart Cam 360!


The latest offering from the Hero Group company Qubo is the Smart Cam 360, which comes at ₹5490. In addition to live viewing and immediate alerts about unauthorized motions or hacking attempts, it supports ongoing Full HD 360-degree video recording 24 hours daily. Here, AI-based person and motion recognition is also included. You can even distantly trigger a notification or converse with the individual on the other end. If you want to know everything about the best smart outdoor safety camera, let’s explore the comprehensive evaluation of the Qubo Smart Outdoor Surveillance Camera. 

Qubo Smart Outdoor Camera: Quality and features

Features include 110° field of view, 10x digital zooming, 180° mirror flip, H264 video compression and 1080p 30 frames per second video resolution, 1W speaker, 128GB micro SD storage, as well as support for nighttime vision. Comparing its performance to its competitors, it is shockingly excellent. In this instance, the camera gathered adequate light, maintaining the image quality and producing an appropriate outcome. 

There is an excessive amount of space to catch with the 110° FOV, and nighttime vision also produces incredible outcomes. In contrast with the footage we’ve seen with surveillance equipment from firms like Godrej, the outermost portions of things were somewhat distinct, and the photos and videos we took had a reasonable degree of information.

Qubo Smart Outdoor Camera: Design and Build Quality

A distinctive, appealing, and extensive white appearance characterizes the Qubo Smart Outdoor Surveillance Camera. Meanwhile, the tripod has a slot for microSD cards. As far as its design is concerned, it has a micro-USB connector and a reset button located at the exterior of the matte-finished base, and durable polycarbonate makes up its full body. Qubo is well-built as it has a compact size of 6.2×6.2×14.85 cm. Because it has an IP65 designation, Hero asserts it is suitable for all weather situations and was designed specifically for Indian households.

Why to Buy Qubo?

  • 24*7 thorough recording
  • Intruder alarm
  • Online and offline storage
  • Google Assistant and Alexa support
  • FHD recording 
  • 2-way communication
  • Local encryption and cloud servers

A model that offers excellent value for money is the Qubo Smart Outdoor Camera. It is sturdy, well-designed, and feature-rich, and its recorded footage is unwavering overall. 

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