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Is Alo Moves Worth Installing? Know Everything About Yoga Enthusiast’s Best App!


Alo Moves, a comprehensive yoga program, stands out with its unique features, such as professional educators, a vast array of courses, and a user-friendly interface. Its true strength, however, lies in its ability to inspire and motivate users to make the most of their yoga journey. In a thorough evaluation of popular yoga channels like Glo, Discover What Feels Positive, and CorePower on Demand, Alo Moves emerged as the winner. So, is this app worth installing? Let’s delve deeper to find out!

How does Alo Moves work?

Dedicated to yoga and wellness material, Alo Moves is a web streaming platform sponsored by the well-known yoga company, Alo Yoga. You may view their collection of video classes indefinitely after registering.

There are numerous classes available, mostly divided into four distinct groups: expertise, yoga, physical fitness, and mindfulness. Online participation to the classes is provided by their website and app, which are accessible from both Apple and Android devices. In 2023, the recurring fee decreased from $20 to $12.99 while maintaining all of the comparable features. Here, with this app, you will get 14-days of free trial, 20% off with annual plan, and on-demand workout charts.

Alo Moves: Pros & Cons


  • Newbie-friendly

Newcomers can choose from a variety of courses and programs that include analysis of certain poses.

  • Different types of classes

Alo Moves’ extensive class variety constitutes one of its greatest benefits. Everything from a 10-minute shoulder stretch to a 78-minute Ashtanga sequence is offered in classes that vary in duration, intensity, and focus. 

  • Workshops for particular poses and proficiencies

Alo Moves offers a collection of yoga pose sequences and lessons to help with particular skill development. Novices might learn greatly from instructions on fundamental poses, while more experienced practitioners can profit from ones that concentrate on arm variations and inverted shapes. Additionally, they provide both brief 1-minute lessons and longer 10-minute classes focused on a particular position or ability. 


  • Some video sessions don’t have cultural and spiritual context

Certain strength-oriented yoga classes were shown to have minimal to no yoga. A few vinyasas were mixed in with the exercise sessions. Most participants agreed that teachers should have named the yoga poses more frequently using their Sanskrit equivalents. That there were lessons on milkshake recipes and crystal healing, but no information about the eight limbs of yoga or its origins sounded strange.

Alo Moves has fantastic tutors, a user-friendly interface, and plenty of classes to keep you intrigued. When taken as a whole, these factors helped you enjoy your time on the mat and come back every day. You could notice the growth, get more powerful and adaptable, and learn more about various movements and meditation methods after using the mobile application for about a month.

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