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Go On A Shopping Spree To Explore Agra’s Vibrant Markets (Beyond The Taj Mahal)!


The Taj Mahal’s reputation as a symbol of love may be what draws visitors, but there’s so much more to experience in and around this world-famous attraction. There are vibrant street shopping avenues for indulging in the city’s shopping culture. Located amidst the Taj Mahal’s astonishing beauty and Agra’s bustling streets, numerous shopping avenues attract visitors by selling everything from antiques to contemporary trinkets. Below are some of the best shopping avenues in and around Taj Mahal.

Taj Ganj Market

Located outside of the Taj Mahal complex, the Taj Ganj Market is a busy place in the city which is always alive with vendors and visitors. This market offers a wide range of products, like handicrafts, jewellery, miniature marble replicas of the Taj Mahal, and a range of souvenirs. You can experience a colourful shopping experience at this place. 

Kinari Market

Kinari Market is one of the top markets that sells products related to fashion and handicrafts. You will be amazed to see the wide variety of products, such as fabrics, marble embellishments, fabric designing, rugs, and leather items. 

Shoe Market

This busiest area in the city is located at Hing Ki Mandi. The footwear business is quite well-known in Agra. This shoe market is the favourite place of wholesalers and retailers, as they can get a good deal here. You can explore a vast collection of shoe designs available for purchase at this place.

Subhash Emporium

You get top-notch quality marble items, handicrafts, and souvenirs from Subhash Emporium near the Taj Mahal complex. This government-aided emporium promotes ‘Prachinkari in marble’ (inlay art). Here, you can purchase high-quality textiles and jewellery, too. 

Raj Ki Mandi

This busiest market is situated in the Lohamandi region. Raj Ki Mandi Market provides an excellent shopping experience within your budget. You can buy many items, like fabrics, household items, cooking aids, books, jewellery, home decor, etc, at an affordable cost. The market is always crowded, but the best time to visit here is in the evenings. 

 Shah Market 

For those who love smartphones, this place is a perfect choice. Located near Agra Fort, Shah Market offers an excellent shopping experience. You can get leather items, jewellery and smartphones from almost all famous brands. You can find shops selling used phones, too. 

Agra Marble Emporium

Visit the Agra Marble Emporium if you love marble stuff. This place has a beautiful collection of marble items, including statues, decorative items, and tabletops showcasing elaborate inlay works.

U.P Handicrafts Development Center

The U.P Handicraft Development Center is located near the Taj Mahal. This government-supported handicraft shop sells authentic handicraft items from Uttar Pradesh. Handloom textiles, pottery, and other traditional items are available here directly from artisans. 

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