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Beyond the Gold: A Journey Through Amritsar’s Most Sacred Site – ‘Harmandir Sahib’


Amritsar, a city in the Indian state of Punjab, is home to the magnificent Golden Temple, a gurudwara highly admired nationwide. This most sacred place of Sikh worship is also known as ‘Harmandir Sahib’, which means the Abode of God. Here, we reveal some fascinating facts about this temple which will amuse you. 

The Temple Of Gold

The temple was renovated and bestowed with a golden sheen by Maharaja Ranjith Singh, the ‘Lion of Punjab’. The temple’s exterior is adorned with about 750 grams of pure gold, lending it an awe-inspiring appearance, particularly when illuminated at night. 

The Fusion Of Breathtaking Architectural Marvels

The Golden Temple is the best example that highlights the inclusive nature of Sikhism. By closely examining the temple architecture, you can see glimpses of Indian and Islamic architectural styles. The intricate marble works, inlaid carvings, arches, and frescoes are real examples of the artistic marvels of Indian craftsmanship.

The Pool Of Nectar

The Golden Temple is located in the middle of a man-made lake called the ‘Amrit Sarovar’ or the ‘Pool Of Nectar’. The idea of building this water tank was first proposed in the 16th century by Guru Ram Das. It is a rectangular water tank with an area of 150 meters by 150 meters. Equality, unity and purity – the Amrit Sarovar symbolizes these three qualities as per Sikhism. The water in this sarovar is believed to have healing properties, and devotees bathe in this holy water to rejuvenate their souls. 

Guru Ka Langar

Guru Ka Langar, the community kitchen in Golden Temple, is the temple’s most distinctive feature. There is no charge for the meals prepared in this kitchen. There is no big or small; regardless of caste, religion, nationality, or societal status, everyone can come and alleviate their hunger pangs. It is heard that even the Mughal king Akhbar once came and enjoyed a meal with ordinary people in this Langar. There are no workers or special cooks for the preparation of food items. Men, women, and children volunteer to cook, serve, and clean as a service to mankind. Daily, this most extensive community kitchen in the world supposedly feeds over 100,000 people!

The Door Of All

To highlight the inclusive nature and universal existence of the Sikh philosophy, the temple is built with four open doors on the four sides, known as the Door of All, which welcome people from all parts and stages of life. 

Akhand Path

The temple premises is always filled with positive vibrations. The sacred verses from the holy scripture of Sikhism,- Guru Granth Sahib, are continuously chanted at the temple premises by the devotees. It is also known as ‘Akhand Path’ (uninterrupted reading). 

This exquisite spiritual site of Sikhism attracts millions of visitors worldwide with its stupefying architectural marvels, heartwarming hospitality, and abundance of positivity. People come to pay their respect, seek spiritual solace, and experience the serenity and sanctity of this revered place.

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