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Heartbreak and care

Heartbreak & Valentine’s Day: What to do?


Valentine’s Day is a day when love is in the air. Lovebirds are in a euphoric state, while the broken hearts curse their exes. They find it a foul reminder of their loneliness. We know that it’s hard to deal with heartbreak, especially when everyone around you is falling head over heels celebrating love. But guess what? There is no need to feel sorry for yourself. Here’s what you can do to cope with the feelings instead:

  1. Practice Self-Care: It’s only a breakup, not the world’s end yet. Losing yourself over a heartbreak is immature. There is more life than this. Prioritize your needs., allow yourself time to heal, and celebrate self-love this Valentine’s Day. Book a massage session, take a relaxing bath, cook yourself some tasty and warm meals, exercise, or spend time in nature. 
  2. Reach Out for Support: Talking openly about your feelings is important, especially on days like Valentine’s Day. Sharing with someone you trust, like a friend, family member, or therapist, can help you feel better understood and supported. Bottling up emotions can be tough, so don’t hesitate to reach out for a listening ear. Remember, you’re not alone.
  3. Limit Exposure to Triggers: If something hits your heart, it’s a big no-no for you. Be it online browsing or going to public places decorated with Valentine’s themes. And yes, do not keep a tab on your ex or accompany your ‘couple friends’ just because you feel lonely. Pay a visit to a place that doesn’t make you upset. 
  4. Focus on Gratitude: For many of you, finding reasons to be grateful amidst heartbreak may be tricky. However, developing a sense of gratitude can do wonders by changing your perspective. Reaching the light at the end of the tunnel might take a while, but it doesn’t mean you have to start living in a dark zone. Reflect on your life’s positive elements; expressing gratitude can bring light into even the darkest times.
  5. Engage in Meaningful Activities: Instead of revisiting your past and crying over what you’ve lost, channel your energy into activities that bring meaning and satisfaction. Get involved in a local charity program, support a cause, or dedicate time to self-improvement. These meaningful activities will give you a new reason to start over afresh.

Remember, healing from heartbreak takes time. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a day to sulk in the corner just because you don’t have a partner. Be gentle with yourself and trust that brighter days are ahead, even if they seem out of reach. You are worthy of love and happiness on Valentine’s Day and every day after that.

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