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Beyond the Box of Chocolates: Gift Experiences They’ll Never Forget!


It’s that time of the year again – when friends turn into lovers, lovers turn into something more, and when you need to bust out your credit card to make her happy, Valentine’s week. We all know that gifts are expensive, not to mention the standards of gifting. But, put those boxes of chocolates down for a moment and consider gifting your significant other a good time instead of a good thing. Here are ways to celebrate Valentine’s week without burning a hole through your pockets.

Finding Affordable Destinations

Hey, now, affordable does not mean cheap. Travelling with a light budget doesn’t mean degrading the quality of your date. Hold on momentarily and scour the internet – find out where the buzz is. Find famous tourist spots that could work as a great romantic evening. Depending on the location, you could go to a remote area, which is beautiful and very affordable. So, do your homework!

Embracing the Spirit of Adventure

Travelling for a date can be educational, too! By choosing a budget area, you can learn a lot about the world’s various cultures with your significant other. Instead of booking a 5-star hotel in Paris, consider hikes and explorations. From picnics to camps and exploring the people’s cultures, peacefulness can be an incredible journey.

Maximizing Savings with Smart Planning

Boats are maintained before being put in the water to ensure they don’t leak, so why not plan your trips before everything goes south? Take advantage of budget airlines and book hotels through platforms that give you discounts – make sure your boat doesn’t sink before it sails. Heck, cook your food with your significant other – bond over cooking with locally produced ingredients.

Cherishing Simple Pleasures

Maybe they want to spend time with you and don’t care where. Sure, try to ensure you have fun with your love, but remember that small gestures send the “I love you” for you. Whether it’s a homemade meal at a homestay, heck, or even stargazing on the terrace of some building, bonding also happens in these little moments. Sometimes, the small things leave the biggest mark.

This Valentine’s Day, consider adopting the attitude of affordable travel and embarking on a voyage of affection and discovery with your important companion.

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