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Wanna Track Your Flight? 5 Best Flight Tracking Apps to Download


Trips often thrash one with anxious thoughts about flight, especially if the weather is unpleasant. From getting delayed to being cancelled, things can be exasperating to passengers. As winter is still up, the cold spell continues to hit North India. So here are a few flight tracking apps to calm your nerves.


FlightRadar24 shines in the category of flight tracking app with more than 200,000 flights being tracked per day. This free app can be easily downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. It helps one with real-time information of flight as well as the weather. FlightRader24 has already got its name engraved in history with the final flight of the late Queen Elizabeth from Edinburgh to London. According to Reuters, more than 4 million people tracked the flight online. 


The app is available for both iOS and Android. Passengers can track flights by flight numbers, origin and destination. It’ll also alert you with notifications about the status of flight, arrival and departure. Misery map in FlightAware lets you know about the delays and cancellation in flights caused mostly by inclement climate. 

Planes Live

Planes Live is a free app available on both Android and iOS. They let you track flights, notify you when there’s a change in flight schedule and even let you know about the live flight information of friends and family when they travel. Planes Live helps you spot nearby Planes in your location and also comes up with weather forecasts.


FlightStats can be installed in both iOS and Android. They make it easy for you to track almost any flight across the world. Flight details like arrival and departure, airport conditions, airport delays, weather, historical flight status, flight alerts are provided. It is also compatible with the Apple watch. 


Flighty is a flight tracker for iOS users. The app ensures stress-free travel with all flight related information from flight route to alerting you when there’s a delay or cancellation. Flighty comes with a unique feature called “flighty friends” that lets you track your friend’s or family’s live flight information. 

Plane Finder, ADSB Flight Tracker, App in the Air, Live Flight Status are some of the other flight tracking apps that provide flight information to warm your shivery thoughts about flight in this winter. 

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