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Second-Hand Gadgets You Shouldn’t Buy Before Giving A Second Thought 


As the prices of gadgets are skyrocketing, the option to have a preloved gadget can tempt you. From safety hazards to security threats, there are risks veiled inside the beautiful boxes of fantastic deals. So before you purchase a second-hand gadget, give it a second thought. Here are a few used gadgets you should probably avoid buying. 


Earbuds can get easily contaminated with bacteria, paving the way for ear infection. Even if the earbuds look crystal clean and brand new, there’s a possibility that it’ll contain the invisible presence of bacteria to sticky earwax. Advanced sanitising is necessary before you put in to sway your head to the beat of music. 


Headphones like earbuds come up with hygiene issues. The earpads and headband can soak up one’s sweat to odour. It’s better to invest in a new one than using a total stranger’s sweat-soaked up headphones. Sanitising is a must thing but it is difficult to have it properly cleaned.

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices like smart door to camera come with security threats. The pre owner might get the access, track you and even leak your private videos to conversations.  Of course there are measures to ensure safety before you leap to fix them in your house. Stay aware of the security threats and keep your home safe.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are dangerous.  Even the brand new ones are criticised for the security threats they caused.  Many cases of hacking and leaking of nude kids were reported. So if you’re planning to have a second-hand baby monitor,  you definitely need to give it a second thought. 

Electric Toothbrush 

Getting a second-hand toothbrush at a fraction of its actual price is tempting. But have you ever tried to imagine that brush being held by a total stranger and their savila splashing all over the brush and being soaked up? Buying a used electric brush paves the way for germs to get transferred. It’s better to invest in a new one than risk your dental hygiene. 

Hair Removal Devices

Hair removal devices like epilators and razors can put you in more trouble rather than giving you the kind of splendiferous skin you long for. It’s not worth buying unless you are ready for skin irritation and skin infection. 

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