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Fall in love with this super healthy Banana Flower Chutney

Fall in love with this super healthy Banana Flower Chutney


Indian cuisine has managed to make use of literally every part of the Banana tree. May it be the wise old recipe of a Kidney stone cure – Banana Stem stew/soup, or the modern adaptation of halwas – Banana leaf halwa that has made people question reality, the Banana tree is packed with large health benefits and an even larger versatility in the Indian cuisine!

One such adaptation of the Banana flower is a creamy, spicy and lip smacking chutney that just makes every tiffin better. This recipe takes about 15 mins to make, and is extremely easy and basic, that even an amateur cook can make it. Loving such mouth watering recipes? Follow for more!

What you’ll need:

● 100g of Banana Flower
● 2 tbsp Oil.
● 100g Onion.
● 3 Garlic Pods
● Red Chilli powder to taste
● Lemon sized Tamarind
● 50g Tomato
● Salt as Required.
● Mustard Seeds
● Asafoetida

How to make it:

● Remove and separate the petals from the bracts as we’ll only need the petals for this recipe.
● Clean and dry out the petals and add to a hot pan with oil, onion, garlic, tamarind, and tomatoes and the spices and cook until soft.
● Once everything is completely cooked, let it cool before blending into a fine paste.
● Temper this delicious South Indian delicacy with some mustard seeds and curry leaves and serve with soft, fluffy idlis or crispy, crunchy dosas!


It is very common to add urad dhal to the mix and cook along with the other ingredients before blending for that extra creamy texture. Some recipes mention the addition of the banana flower’s core that is cut, cooked and blended with the other ingredients, but can be avoided if not preferred.

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