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Chennai Central Gets Airport-Style Luxury: New Executive Lounge Offers Comfort & Convenience

0 A Quick Look at the Dr. MGR Central Railway Station’s New Executive Lounge Text: A. Elumalai, Public Relations Officer, Chennai Division The first-ever Executive Lounge is now open at Dr. MGR Central Railway Station for passenger convenience. Located near Platform No. 6, the Executive Lounge boasts airport-standard facilities under a 5-year contract with M/s. Ten 11 Hospitality, valued at Rs. 17.75 crores. The lounge offers cutting-edge, air-conditioned amenities: Pricing and Amenities: 24/7 Retreat: The new Executive Lounge offers a 24/7 retreat featuring air conditioning, comfortable seating, a travel desk, constant Wi-Fi, and refreshment facilities. This ensures both arriving and departing passengers can rest and recharge comfortably during brief waits at the station.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

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Indian Railways on Fast Track: Record Budget Fuels Multi-Modal Connectivity & “Vande Bharat” Upgrade

0 The new record budget allocated to Indian Railways will ensure rapid growth and innovation TEXT: INDIAN RAILWAYS MAGAZINE India’s railways are set for a major transformation, thanks to a hefty Rs. 2,52,000 crore capital expenditure allocation in the Interim Budget FY 2024-25. This historic investment reflects the government’s “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas” commitment and aims to propel the nation’s economy while enhancing passenger comfort and safety. Under the PM Gati Shakti, projects will enable multi-modal connectivity, improving logistics efficiency and reducing costs. This includes the conversion of 40,000 rail bogies to Vande Bharat standards for enhanced safety and passenger convenience. Three major economic railway corridor programs are set to roll out, focusing on Energy, Mineral, and Cement Corridors, Port Connectivity Corridors, and High Traffic Density Corridors. These initiatives, combined with dedicated freight corridors, are expected to accelerate GDP growth and reduce logistic costs. The projects have been identified under the PM Gati Shakti for enabling multi-modal connectivity. They will improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs. The Minister of Railways, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the significant allocation. He highlighted a shift in focus over the last decade, moving from adding new trains to enhancing capacity and safety measures. Notable achievements include 26,000 km of new tracks, a Rs. 1,08,000 crore investment in Safety Systems, the Automatic Train Protection system (Kavach), and the development of popular new-generation trains. The budget emphasizes three key corridors for additional capacity: Energy, Mineral, and Cement; Port Connectivity; and ‘Amrit Chaturbhuj’ for high-density traffic routes. These corridors are set to lay around 40,000 km of new tracks, boosting capacity and reducing pollution. The Minister of Railways emphasised that the current budget places a strong emphasis on creating additional capacity through three key corridors. The first corridor focuses on Energy, Mineral, and Cement, aiming to curtail road pollution and lower logistics costs. The second corridor prioritizes port connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with ports through a multimodal approach called ‘Gati Shakti.’ The third corridor, named ‘Amrit Chaturbhuj,’ is envisioned as a railway network equivalent to the golden quadrilateral on high-density traffic routes. Collectively, these three corridors are set to lay approximately 40,000 km of new tracks, significantly boosting railway capacity and reducing pollution. The railway’s potential to save up to 90% of CO2 emissions in a cost-effective manner is expected to bring about a substantial transformation in the country’s economy, fostering efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Regarding the second significant announcement, the Minister explained, “The success of ‘Vande Bharat’ and ‘Amrit Bharat’ trains has paved the way for the upgrade of all 40,000 conventional coaches. Efforts to enhance capacity are underway on multiple fronts.” Last year, we added 5,200 km of new tracks, equivalent to Switzerland’s entire rail network. This year, the plan is to add 5,500 km, a significant increase from 4 km per day in 2014 to around 15 km per day now. The budget for FY 2024-25 allocates Rs. 2,52,000 crore for capital expenditure (CAPEX). Notably, by the end of January 2024, we’ve achieved 82% of the CAPEX budget for the current year. The clear focus is on expanding capacity, improving the passenger experience, and enhancing infrastructure. The Hon’ble Prime Minister’s emphasis on railways is evident, and completion of the three corridors is expected to address the waiting list problem effectively. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has praised the Interim Budget as inclusive and innovative, expressing confidence in continuity and its ability to empower all four pillars of ‘Viksit Bharat’ – youth, poor, women, and farmers. The Prime Minister highlighted the announcement in the budget to manufacture 40,000 modern ‘Vande Bharat Standard’ coaches, emphasizing that their induction into regular passenger trains will significantly enhance the travel experience for millions of passengers on various railway routes across the country. As part of the strategy for ‘Amrit Kaal’, these three major economic railway corridor programmes have been identified under the PM Gati Shakti for enabling multi-modal connectivity. They will improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs. The resultant decongestion of the high traffic corridors will also help in improving operations of passenger trains, resulting in safety and higher travel speed for passengers. Together with dedicated freight corridors, these three economic corridor programmes will accelerate GDP growth and reduce logistic costs.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

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Bullet Train Gets Earthquake Guardian Angel: Early Detection System Ensures Passenger Safety

0 A sneak peek into the new innovative system on the Bullet Train that safeguards lives and properties during seismic events TEXT: INDIAN RAILWAYS MAGAZINE The Bullet Train project, officially known as the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor, is taking a groundbreaking step towards passenger and infrastructure safety. For the first time in India, 28 seismometers will be installed along its route, forming a robust Early Earthquake Detection System (EEDS). This innovative system, inspired by Japan’s Shinkansen technology, will act as a guardian angel for the Bullet Train, safeguarding both passengers and critical infrastructure during seismic events. Imagine a tremor rumbling through the earth. Primary waves, the fastest seismic waves, race ahead, carrying the initial shock. EEDS seismometers, strategically placed along the alignment and in earthquake-prone areas, will detect these waves instantly. Upon detection, the system will trigger an automatic power shutdown, bringing the Bullet Train to a safe halt. Emergency brakes will engage, ensuring passengers remain protected even during unforeseen tremors. The system’s reach extends beyond the immediate Bullet Train route. Six additional “inland seismometers” will be installed in earthquake-prone regions across Maharashtra and Gujarat. These sentinels will provide valuable early warnings to local authorities, enabling them to initiate emergency protocols and minimize potential damage. The placement of these seismometers is no random act. Japanese experts meticulously surveyed areas where earthquakes exceeding 5.5 magnitude have occurred in the past century. Micro tremor tests, analyzing soil suitability, further guided the selection process. This meticulous planning ensures the EEDS can effectively detect and respond to seismic threats throughout the Bullet Train’s path. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant leap forward for India’s infrastructure safety. By harnessing the power of technology and meticulous planning, the Bullet Train project is setting a new standard for earthquake preparedness, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for passengers and a robust infrastructure for the future.

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MUST try desserts of Hyderabad, the City of Pearls and archaeological brilliance

0 Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, is known for its historical and archaeological brilliance, the celebratory diversity in its food range, the warm locals who make your stay blissful. But most noticeable of all these must experience factors is the uniquely crafted desserts of Hyderabad. Here are some of THE best and must tries of Hyderabad, the dessert edition! Follow for more such divinely yummy content! Choco Lava, TARO Located in the Jubilee Hills, TARO is a Pan Asian Restobar that is well-known for its uniquely crafted menu and flavours of Asia. The feather to the crown of this Restobar is their Choco Lava pastry. Yes, it’s the same old Choco Lava cake that you relish at your local bakeries, but, this is a must try, not because of the brilliant plating, not because of the classy service, but majorly for the taste that will keep you hooked to it! Shibuya Toast, Forge Breu House Another Jubilee Hills jewel is the Forge Breu House, specialising with their in-house brewery and top notch food. Something that sets their entire menu up high is their crafty desserts, Shibuya Toast in specific. Crispy on the outside, soft and spongy on the inside, this Tokyo originating honey toast is purely a divine experience to your taste buds! Sticky Toffee Pudding, Sanctuary Bars & Kitchen Located in the FilmNagar of Jubilee Hills, the Sanctuary Bars and Kitchen is globally renowned for its fine dining and gourmet menus. The best addition to their menu, and a wholesome completion of your meal would be their signature Sticky Toffee Pudding, made with soft and moist spongy cakes filled with the delicious goodness of toffee and dates. Pull up Chocolate Cake, F House Located in the CBI Colony of the Jubilee Hills, the F House caters to all memorable occasions and parties with stunningly aesthetic outdoor and indoor dining experience. Standing out in their menu is their trending Pull up Chocolate Cake that oozes out the goodness of a hearty dessert and the wholesome content of a perfect finishing to your dining experience!

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Tips for a Wealthy Health : Fitment of an individual with respect to their well-being

0 When I was young, my mom used to bless me with a wealthy health and a healthy wealth every time I started something new. This phrase has always puzzled me, as I was more used to hearing blessings to have a wealthy and healthy life, but never once heard the phrase “Wealthy health and a Healthy wealth”. So what does this phrase mean? Is it important to have a wealthy health and a healthy wealth? If so, how do we enforce the concept of a wealthy health into our daily lives? To answer all these questions, we first need to understand what ‘Health’ is. Health is the overall fitment of an individual with respect to their well-being, soundness of mind and body. It’s a state of living that every individual must thread their routine into. May it be having a balanced diet, an ample number of hours dedicated towards physical fitness, and ensuring that your mental stability and wellness is monitored and looked after. Being healthy doesn’t imply eating more vegetables, fruits, smoothies and salads and avoiding heavy processed junk food. A healthy individual needs a good, balanced and nourishing diet, a good workout routine or a physically engaging activity session and most importantly, having the ability to smoothen the ups and downs of your mental state. It is equally important for any individual, irrespective of their gender and sexuality, to have to pay attention to what they eat, how much they’re working out, heal their mental scars and safeguard oneself from any potential hazard that could hurt your mental wellness, and to be spiritually awake to build faith and belief of greater good and be able to travel beyond the ups and downs that life throws at you. Once you master the art of such balanced health, you are in a state of wealthy health, which, along the way, would lead you into gaining a healthy wealth that you can expand, protect, save and reinvest in. So, the next time you think about becoming a well-off individual with a serene retirement, take the vital steps to keep your health wealthy to keep your wealth healthy! Here are a few tips to keep a well-rounded and balanced health, or as my mom would call it, a wealthy health. Follow for more such health and wellness related content to understand the need and importance of being a healthy person! Empty a glass of water on an empty stomach – A lot of studies have revealed that drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach has adverse benefits like aiding digestion, rehydration from your long sleep, flushing out the toxins, and even clear out your skin! Workout first, scroll later – Scientists strongly advise to not start your day by scrolling through your phone. Just like how staying off your phone at least an hour before sleep is important for your brain activity, similarly, engaging with your phone right from the start of your day can have its own impacts on your brain activity. It is believed that the posts, news, information and interactions that you experience via your mobile phone right from when you wake up sets your mood for the day and has a risk of slowing down your comprehensive thinking for the day. Breathe fresh air, not smoke – Humans are known to breathe at least 20,000 times in a day. In the 24 hours we get, it is mandatory for every individual to get at least 20 mins of fresh air in a green location like a park or a lake. This is crucial for the physical and mental health of every human, and when compared to indoors, the air that we breathe outdoors, typically in places like parks are known to give out additional energy and boost us when low, or calm us when we’re tensed up. Watch your habits – Even our smallest of habits can have substantial impact on our bodies and minds, like an everyday cigarette can cut down years from your lifetime, or how your unhealthy eating desires and cravings that you give in to can be slowly rotting you from the inside. Learn to thank and be kind – Being a kind and charitable person not only helps you get a sense of satisfaction that you’re doing something good with your incomes and revenues, but also a content feeling that you’re giving back to the society that has raised you. Along with this, you learn to thank every individual’s efforts, time, and emotions when you do small acts of kindness regardless of the credit that you might or might not receive. Remember, you too, are a part of the society, and this means that what you sow into your society will be harvested years into the future by your own generations. So spread gratitude, love, equality, and most importantly, kindness and compassion in your society, so that you can inspire a whole generation to be a better human.

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Mental Well Being : Guide to help and understand the importance of mental health

0 A quick guide to help and understand the importance of mental health and mental well-being Mental well-being is a state of mental health that enables individuals to handle stressors, reach their full potential, function effectively at work and in education, and contribute to their communities. It is a critical component of overall health and wellness that supports our ability to make decisions, establish relationships, and impact the world around us. Access to mental health is a fundamental human right and is crucial for personal, communal, and socioeconomic growth. Mental wellness involves more than just the absence of mental illness and varies in difficulty and impact for each individual. Mental health conditions encompass a range of psychosocial deficiencies, mental disorders, and other mental states that may cause significant harm, functional limitations, or self-harm risk. While not always the case, individuals with mental illnesses may have lower levels of mental well-being. Well-being refers to individuals’ perception of their lives going well. It is a desirable outcome that benefits both individuals and multiple aspects of society. A good home is a crucial aspect of overall well- being. Consequently, it is important to monitor these conditions for the sake of public policy. However, many indicators that evaluate living conditions do not fully capture people’s perceptions and feelings. This includes the quality of their relationships, their ability to bounce back from adversity, their overall positive emotions, their potential for growth and fulfilment, and their general sense of well-being. Global assessments of life satisfaction and diverse emotions, ranging from positive experiences like pleasure to negative ones like sadness, are often integrated into assessing well-being. Here are four overall health suggestions. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help from professionals if you need further support. Seeking help is a reasonable and courageous decision. Be kind to yourself: When one is experiencing depression, it can be easy to criticize oneself. However, it is important to try and show self-compassion, even when feeling unwilling to offer oneself praise or recognition. Additionally,a helpful tip is to exhibit kindness towards another individual if having difficulty being kind towards oneself. Once accomplishing this, take the opportunity to congratulate yourself. Exercise regularly: Taking a short walk or walking up a flight of stairs can alleviate stress and enhance concentration. Consistent exercise has the potential to uplift one’s mood, increase mental acuity, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Follow a healthy diet: Healthy food definitely includes fruits and vegetables, but remember to prioritize drinking at least 10 cupsof water per day over any excessive consumption. Additionally, having a positive relationship with food is key to a healthy diet. Explore new cuisines, cherish meals with loved ones, and avoid developing an obsession with food. It’s important to educate yourself on eating disorders and seek help if you notice that your relationship with food is negatively affecting your mental or physical health. Create/Find a support system: If you or someone you know is facing difficulties, it is essential to find the necessary support. You could turn to a friend or a family member for help. Alternatively, seek guidance from a primary care physician, counsellor, or mental health specialist. If the person you approach isn’t providing the required support, explore alternative sources that better fit your needs.Furthermore, consider ways to be supportive and kind if you know someone facing depression. Our mental health and well-being are crucial to our overall health and quality of life. Just as we focus on physical exercise and a healthy diet for our bodies, we must prioritize self-care and mental wellness practices for our minds. This includes seeking professional help, practising mindfulness and stress-reducing activities, fostering positive relationships, and engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfilment. By prioritizing our mental health, we can enhance resilience, productivity, and our overall sense of purpose in life. Remember, taking care of our minds is not a luxury but a necessity for a fulfilling and balanced life.

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0 Decorating your home can be a thrilling journey as you set about shaping your living space in a way that reflects your personality and lifestyle. While everyone has different tastes and preferences, certain guidelines can help you create a remarkable ambiance in any room. Here are 25 decor tips to help you tailor your home’s motif to your liking. 1.  FUNCTIONALITY IS THE KEY Think about what you will primarily be using each room for before you decorate. For example, the bedroom entails a relaxing vibe, while the living room is more social. 2. SELECT THE RIGHT COLOUR PALETTE Choosing a color palette can direct your decor style. Mild tones of creams, greys, or pastels work well for a gentle and serene ambiance, whereas bold hues lend a dramatic and lively feel. 3. DESIGNATE A FOCAL POINT Every room should have one main focus. This can be a statement furniture piece, artwork, or even an accent wall. 4. STRIKE A BALANCE Strive for harmony and balance with furniture, colours, and accessories 5. SELECT FURNITURE WITH THE RIGHT PROPORTIONS Ensure that the furniture fits well in your room and complements the room’s scale. 6. MIX TEXTURES Infuse your space with different textures to create interest and uniqueness. Mix smooth with rough, and plush with stiff materials. 7. MIX PATTERNS Don’t shy away from mixing patterns. Just ensure they are coordinated by a common element like color. 8. USE RUGS Use rugs to define spaces and add warmth and colour. 9. USE MIRRORS Mirrors add light, depth, and make rooms feel larger. 10. USE LIGHTS Layered lighting in rooms creates a warm and inviting environment. 11. SYMMETRY Use symmetry to balance rooms and create an orderly, calm mood. 12. ADD GREENERY Use plants to add life, colour, and texture to your decor. 13. USE GALLERY WALLS Use a gallery wall to show off your collection of art or personal photos. 14. ACCESSORIES Use accessories sparingly to avoid clutter. The less-is-more approach works best! 15. EMBRACE NEGATIVE SPACE Don’t feel the need to fill every inch of space in your home. 16. DISPLAY BOOKS Not only can this make for interesting conversation, but it also adds colour and personality to your room. 17. STYLISH WINDOW TREATMENTS Use curtains and blinds to add texture, colour, and privacy, as needed. 18. DON’T IGNORE YOUR CEILING: Don’t forget the “fifth wall.” Painting or wallpapering the ceiling can dramatically transform a room. 19. USE WALLPAPER Wallpaper can add instant personality and depth to a room. 20. MAKE ARTWORK APPEALING Hang artwork at eye level for better visual appeal 21. INTRODUCE STATEMENT PIECES Select one or two statement pieces that reflect your personality. 22. EXPERIMENT WITH TRENDS Don’t chase the trends. What looks good today might not look as fashionable in the future. Choose enduring styles. 23.   ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH Display your collections tastefully and attractively. 24.   USE EMPTY CORNERS Don’t ignore the empty corners. A plant or a small tabletop can transform that space. 25.   EXPERIMENT Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and make changes. Your home should be as unique as you are! Styling your home should be a fun and rewarding experience. Over time, you will gravitate towards a certain style, making the process easier. However, don’t rush the process. Take your time to feel the space and make changes gradually. Decorating is an ongoing journey – enjoy it!

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The Power of Journaling – Unwind from a Hectic Day!

0 Is there anything more exhausting than being caught up in your hectic work schedules, attending timely meetings, and living a busy lifestyle? Would you like to take some time to relax and let go of the stress in your head? Journaling is a wonderful activity that can help you unwind, recharge, and improve your lifestyle! Journaling doesn’t have to be considered a daily task; instead, you can make it a way to unleash your creativity and empty your mind to make space for fresh thoughts and ideas.  But how do you start journaling? Actually, there are a lot of journaling styles, and you can adapt a creative style for yourself.    Create a Visualisation Board Of course, we all have the skill to imagine things. Don’t we? Our wishes, aspirations, strong desires …everything we picture in our thoughts. Bringing life to your desires is so much fun when visualising them and creating a replica on your vision board. You can make it more attractive according to your imagination.  For journaling, you need a book or diary. Simply paste some images into the book and jot down your favourite inspirational quotes that align with your goals. You’ll feel inspired when you look at this dynamic visual representation!   The Jar of Positivity A journal is a wonderful space to reflect on your mind and capture your thoughts and passions. How about adding a beautiful embellishment to your work table with a cute mason jar filled with positive thoughts, goals and motivational quotes? You can make it even more enjoyable by creating a theme-based ‘positive mason jar’. Write short anecdotes, funny adventures and delightful memories on small colourful papers and fill the jar. Every night before going to sleep, take a note and visualise the incident. This practice creates positivity in your mind. It will turn into a beautiful collection of good memories and positive vibes! Create a Book of Gratitude Jotting down the positive incidents and the blessings will create a positive atmosphere. A gratitude journal is the best medicine to relieve your stress and fill your mind with contentment. When you feel low or stressed, you can always go back to your journal and remind yourself of what you’re grateful for.   Theme Based Journaling Choosing a unique theme for each month would be a great idea. Set a goal for the month and list things you would accomplish. That can be some upcoming tasks at your office, something related to your house, a trip with your family, taking care of your health, and more! Feel free to jot down any special days and celebrations happening that month! You can check if the tasks are completed at the end of each month. This practice helps you in effectively managing your time, allowing you to evaluate and enhance your productivity.   A Unique Bond With Nature It is much more enjoyable to redefine your journaling by exploring creative ways. You can try out this incredible technique to connect with nature. Grab your pen and start doodling about all the beautiful things that inspire you. Conversely, you can express your love for nature in this way. You can make the diary more attractive by dedicating some portions to sketch and colour.  You have all the freedom to explore colourful, creative ideas in your journal. Everything depends on your time and interest. By choosing such techniques, ultimately, you can find your “Me time” and nurture your inner self. As you flip through its pages in the future, you’ll find a record of days and a beautiful collection of the moments that make your life unique. Have a wonderful time journaling! Like reading this article? Please subscribe for more such stories.

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