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Unlocking Wealthy Health: Balancing Wellness for a Prosperous Life

Tips for a wealthy health


When I was young, my mom used to bless me with a wealthy health and a healthy wealth every time I started something new. This phrase has always puzzled me, as I was more used to hearing blessings to have a wealthy and healthy life, but never once heard the phrase “Wealthy health and a Healthy wealth”.

So what does this phrase mean? Is it important to have a wealthy health and a healthy wealth? If so, how do we enforce the concept of a wealthy health into our daily lives? To answer all these questions, we first need to understand what ‘Health’ is.

Health is the overall fitment of an individual with respect to their well-being, soundness of mind and body. It’s a state of living that every individual must thread their routine into. May it be having a balanced diet, an ample number of hours dedicated towards physical fitness, and ensuring that your mental stability and wellness is monitored and looked after.

Being healthy doesn’t imply eating more vegetables, fruits, smoothies and salads and avoiding heavy processed junk food. A healthy individual needs a good, balanced and nourishing diet, a good workout routine or a physically engaging activity session and most importantly, having the ability to smoothen the ups and downs of your mental state.

It is equally important for any individual, irrespective of their gender and sexuality, to have to pay attention to what they eat, how much they’re working out, heal their mental scars and safeguard oneself from any potential hazard that could hurt your mental wellness, and to be spiritually awake to build faith and belief of greater good and be able to travel beyond the ups and downs that life throws at you.

Once you master the art of such balanced health, you are in a state of wealthy health, which, along the way, would lead you into gaining a healthy wealth that you can expand, protect, save and reinvest in. So, the next time you think about becoming a well-off individual with a serene retirement, take the vital steps to keep your health wealthy to keep your wealth healthy!

Here are a few tips to keep a well-rounded and balanced health, or as my mom would call it, a wealthy health. Follow for more such health and wellness related content to understand the need and importance of being a healthy person!

Empty a glass of water on an empty stomach – A lot of studies have revealed that drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach has adverse benefits like aiding digestion, rehydration from your long sleep, flushing out the toxins, and even clear out your skin!

Workout first, scroll later – Scientists strongly advise to not start your day by scrolling through your phone. Just like how staying off your phone at least an hour before sleep is important for your brain activity, similarly, engaging with your phone right from the start of your day can have its own impacts on your brain activity. It is believed that the posts, news, information and interactions that you experience via your mobile phone right from when you wake up sets your mood for the day and has a risk of slowing down your comprehensive thinking for the day.

Breathe fresh air, not smoke – Humans are known to breathe at least 20,000 times in a day. In the 24 hours we get, it is mandatory for every individual to get at least 20 mins of fresh air in a green location like a park or a lake. This is crucial for the physical and mental health of every human, and when compared to indoors, the air that we breathe outdoors, typically in places like parks are known to give out additional energy and boost us when low, or calm us when we’re tensed up.

Watch your habits – Even our smallest of habits can have substantial impact on our bodies and minds, like an everyday cigarette can cut down years from your lifetime, or how your unhealthy eating desires and cravings that you give in to can be slowly rotting you from the inside.

Learn to thank and be kind – Being a kind and charitable person not only helps you get a sense of satisfaction that you’re doing something good with your incomes and revenues, but also a content feeling that you’re giving back to the society that has raised you. Along with this, you learn to thank every individual’s efforts, time, and emotions when you do small acts of kindness regardless of the credit that you might or might not receive. Remember, you too, are a part of the society, and this means that what you sow into your society will be harvested years into the future by your own generations. So spread gratitude, love, equality, and most importantly, kindness and compassion in your society, so that you can inspire a whole generation to be a better human.

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