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What to do if your Phone falls off a running train

What to do if your Phone falls off a running train?


Imagine you’re on a beautifully wholesome train trip with your loved ones, enjoying the prime of your life, looking out the doors and windows of the scenic railway routes and your phone falls off the fast moving train. What would you do? Do you snatch the emergency halt chain to stop the train? Do you complain to the nearest police station? Do you call cyber security to seal off the access to your phone? All this seems too complicated and hectic and stressful.

Instead of running around like a headless chicken, without any proper guidance, follow these simple steps that will most certainly enable you to retrieve your lost phone back to you at the earliest. There have been cases, where the phone owner, with the help of these 2 simple steps and the Indian Railways Authorities have been able to safely get back their phone in under 30 hrs of losing it! Interested in such content? Follow for more!

Step 1: Note down the pole number

There are poles on either side of the train tracks with unique numbers. Note the numbers on the nearest pole where the mobile phone was lost. Avoid pulling the emergency chain, as fines up to Rs. 10,000/- can be charged.

Step 2: Immediately call RPF

Once the number is noted down, immediately call the Railway Police Force (RPF) at their helpline numbers 182 or 139 about your lost belongings including mobile phones and luggages and wait for the Railway authorities to safely retrieve your phone!

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