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Unique travel experiences in Indian that you NEED to check out: Part 3

Unique Travel Experiences in India that You NEED to check out (Part-3)!


Exploring the depths and extremes of India has been the motive behind this ongoing series, where we reveal and discuss some of the most unique travel experiences in India that you need to check out at least once in your lifetime. Follow for more such travel related contents, itineraries and hidden gems, and do check out the first 2 parts of the series!

Surf the blue waters of Pondicherry

Learn to surf in the crystal blue waters of Pondicherry and capture your fine moments among the sea turtles, artificial and natural coral reefs, and much more!

Witness the sky light up in Rajasthan

If you love watching fireworks, then you’re sure to love this magnificent event in Rajasthan. Makar Sankranti is hosted in January of every year, and is celebrated by lightning thousands of airborne lanterns in Rajasthan, and is a sight of a lifetime.

Check out THE highest frozen lake of India

The Gurudongmar Lake of North Sikkim has the record breaking -27 degrees at its lowest during November to Mid-May, making it THE highest (at 17,100ft above sea level) lake in India!

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