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Amazon traveller MUST haves: Safety edition (Part 2)-

Amazon Traveller MUST haves: Safety edition (Part 2)


Being a travel-buff is an elation on multiple levels. Knowing your surroundings and having complete and total situational awareness during your trip is extremely vital. Here are some of the best travel safety essentials that every traveller needs to have. Check out Part 1 of the series and follow for more such useful and informative content!

HASTHIP Portable Door Lock

One of the most essential and useful travel needs that every traveller needs to carry on person is this portable door lock. The reinforced metal adds an extra safety to your usual hotel room and makes it extremely difficult, and hard to break into your stay at just Rs. 719/-

SVH Plastic Multifunctional Keychain Mini Led Light

This hand-held/magnetic LED flashlight comes with multiple uses and can be used as a bottle opener, and can be hung or attached magnetically to any metal body. What makes this an essential purchase is that the USB chargeable flashlight has 3 different light settings ranging from medium, high, and an SOS function that flashes light at a rhythmic frequency, making it the perfect source of light for lone travellers. Pricing at just Rs. 259/- make this your travel buddy now!

Sunkizzrs Travel Lock Safety

One of the travel threats is losing your luggage or having your belongings being stolen from it when you’re distracted. This 4 digit lock comes with a spiral wire that allows you to wrap all your belongings together before locking in safety. Keep your belongings safe at just Rs. 369/-!

NGX Door Entry Stopper Security Burglar Alarm

Having a good night’s sleep is vital to function for every being, but is it completely safe to have a sound snooze in an unknown hotel room? This door stopper alarm helps you to keep your paranoia away and helps you feel more safe and secure and most importantly, known. Simply just place this in front of your door and adjust the sensitivity on the stopper to monitor the door movements at just Rs. 500/-