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3. Tips and tricks to keep your next air travel safe AND comfortable

Tips and tricks to keep your next air travel safe AND comfortable


When it comes to flying cross-country or even for an hour, it is vital to keep in mind the safety concerns that will certainly save you during an airline emergency. Here are some tips and tricks that will make your next flight not just safer, but also super comfortable!

Wear to breathe: Most people make the common mistake of dressing big to a flight. Reason why this might not be the best choice even though it makes you look and feel great is that if you happen to get into an airline emergency, constricting clothes will not let your skin breathe. This is a major problem when it comes to being stuck in a metal tube thousands of feet in the sky and you’re trying to calm yourself down. Always wear breathable and comfortable clothes that retain warmth and are breezy, like Cotton, Wool, and go for a fully covered shoe.

The Emergency bag: Not necessarily a bag set out for emergencies, but any fanny pack or a small bag that can hold your essentials like Passport, emergency medication, emergency contact details, your wallet and your phone is a must for every individual travelling. Make it a waterproof bag for that extra protection.

Pay attention to the safety instructions: It may sound boring, but inevitably, if you pay attention to the safety instructions, it could save your life and help you save someone else’ as well. So next time you feel like ignoring or zoning out during a safety instruction session, remember that your life literally might depend on those 10 mins.

The mask rule: It is a very common mistake that all the passengers at crisis do. Never assist someone with their oxygen mask before putting on yours. Does not matter who that person is or how badly they need it, ALWAYS prioritise masking yourself before assisting someone. Remember that you can’t help someone if you’re passed out of oxygen.

Keep your Emergency instructions handy: Instructions and notes about your personal health like allergies, medications and the recurring health issue that you have must be kept handy. This could save your life if you’re travelling alone and not in the state to communicate to the medical help trying to help you. So keep a chit with your emergency medical instructions and notes handy.

Remember these simple tips and hacks and bind your next flight with safety! Follow if you like similar contents of personal and group safety!

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