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1. Healthy snack alternatives that will keep you away from Junk food

Healthy snack alternatives that will keep you away from Junk food


Ever since the wave of the pandemic hit us, we, irrespective of our differences and diversities, have unitedly joined hands towards a healthier future. Although there are health-freaks and gym-lovers who have successfully overcome their problem with Junk food, there are still innocents like me who struggle to keep a track on their junk food intake.

Quitting Junk food can be one of THE hardest things to do since we usually associate food with our emotions. May it be a piping cup of hot chocolate, or the desi celebration of Pani Pooris or the essence of the South, Bajjis, our craving is an endless abyss that keeps us going for another serving. These yummylicious yet healthy snack alternatives will help you watch your body and pacify the cravings of your taste buds!

Kale or Palak chips for Potato chips

It is quite unusual for someone to swap potato chips for kale or palak chips, but trust me, these are SUPER crispier and tastier that your regular store-bought potato chips and have tons of Vitamins C, A and K. Sweet potatoes are a good alternative, but Kale and Palak are your best pick if you’re looking to avoid the gastric issues associated with root vegetables due to their high fibre content.

Fruit Yogurt for Ice Cream

Ice creams are high in sugar and have added preservatives which affect your incremental pace of health. Instead, substitute ice cream with frozen fruit yogurt or home-made fruit and nut ice cream. Opt in for soya milk if you’re lactose intolerant and still love enjoying the cool, soft divinity of the summer.

Protein Balls for Sweets

Swap your daily sweets, which are made with harmful white sugar with protein balls which you can make in just 5mins! Simply add roasted oats, peanut butter, desiccated coconut, chia seeds, honey and chocolate chips for that extra touch of love and mix well before rolling into balls. Refrigerate for at least 30 mins before consumption for the protein ball to set.

Creative smoothies for Milkshakes

Get creative with your basic pantry ingredients and whip up your own smoothies with a good amount of ice to make up for your milkshake cravings! One of the great things about home-made smoothies is that the sky’s the limit for all the different smoothies you can make and become the smoothie master!

Chocolate coated nuts for Chocolates

If you’re someone who can give up ice creams and crispy potato chips, but can’t keep yourself from buying chocolates, then this alternative is dedicated to you. When you love chocolate enough to keep consuming on a daily basis, then why not make it a little healthier by buying chocolate coated nuts or making them yourself in 2 easy steps! Just coat your washed and dried nuts of choice with melted chocolate and chill before enjoying!

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