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3. Tips to match perfect earrings for your Necklines -

Tips to match perfect earrings for your Necklines


Just like how a barber’s mistake births a new hairstyle, mixing and matching your wardrobe and experimenting with your favourite outfits will help you rediscover your style and fashion. Even if there are no mistakes or blunders when it comes to furnishing your dream outfit, there are certain thumb rules and essentials which are to be kept in mind while styling to make you look like a Bollywood diva. Here are some of the perfect combinations of earrings that go brilliantly with your necklines!


Pair your turtlenecks with any bold and contrast earring. This brings more attention to your jawline and gives a good and contemporarily elite finish to your look.

Round neck

Pair your Round neck T-Shirts with studs to give a rich, classy look. Go for pearl studs to pique your sense of fashion!

V neck

Pair your V neck shirts and blouses with any contrast and long dangling earrings for a vibrant look. If you’re not sure which one of your earrings to wear, always go for your Hoop earrings!

Collared shirt

Collared shirts are a statement of fashion themselves, and therefore, do not need your earrings’ assistance in completing your outfit. Pair your favourite collared shirt with any contrast and bold studs for a casual and modern look, or go with complementary or pastel studs or even single white stone studs if you’re looking for a more formal look!

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