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How to make Homemade Gulkand with just 4 ingredients!

How to make Homemade Gulkand with just 4 ingredients!


Gulkand has been a vital part of every Indian meal in some form or the other for centuries now. Not only does it have a very sweet and delicious flavour, but Gulkand is packed with health benefits and is rich in antioxidants. The list does not end here! Did you know that traditionally Gulkand was used as a cure for heartburns, acidity, chronic constipation and indigestion? Recently, it was discovered that the medicinal properties of Gulkand extends to helping cure haemorrhoids and essentially builds your metabolism. Make your jar of goodness with these simple ingredients in just 10 mins today and consume daily and witness your health grow substantially!

What you’ll need

● Damask/Paneer Rose petals – 1 cup
● Sugar – 1 cup
● Fennel seeds – 3 tbsp
● Honey as required

How to make it

● Thoroughly wash and drain a cup of Paneer Rose aka Damask Rose petals and transfer it to a container and add the sugar.
● Mix the rose petals and sugar well and squeeze until the petals release water and add the mixture to a pan.
● Once added to the pan, the rose petals and sugar mixture becomes watery.
● Add the fennel seeds and let the mixture thicken well and change colour before transferring to a jar.
● Let it cool before adding honey until the mixture is completely soaked under.
● For better taste, let the Gulkand soak for a day or two before consuming.

Traditionally the Gulkand is made with honey and rose petals and is sun-dried until the mixture thickens and is completely soaked in honey for a few days. Try out this easy recipe and comment down which healthy and tasty recipes you’d like us to write about next!

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