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How to help yourself become your best version

How to help yourself become your best version – Part 2


If you’re someone who is in desperate need for a change of pace in your life; if you feel like your life has been stuck in second gear for a while now; if you have the dedication to up your game and thrust yourself up towards your success, then you’re in the right place! Check out Part 1 of the ongoing series on How to help yourself become your best version before continuing further with the part 1.

Learn to let go and walk away

This may seem confusing, but it is NOT a rule to stand and fight every fight. You have the right to choose your battles. Fighting with someone who is hell-bent on proving you wrong or making you seem like the bad guy is a battle that you can choose not to fight by simply walking away. This goes for every situation that you may face in your life. Before bursting out in a fight, take a minute and evaluate the situation and take a call on whether or not this fight is worth your time, efforts, physical and mental energy.

Manage time efficiently

Most of us waste our precious time in scrolling our phones. It is vital to remember that time once lost is lost forever, and procrastinating your task is simply going to circle back and ruin your tomorrow’s plans. Chart out your daily routine and prioritise your tasks under 4 categories, viz., Urgent and Important, Urgent but NOT important, NOT Urgent but important, and lastly, NOT Urgent and NOT Important. This will essentially help you split your tasks and complete them on time.

Try to stay positive and realistic

With everything spiralling downward, it is exhausting to keep your head up high in the clouds of hope and positivity. Even though that seems quite reasonable to be pessimistic, but what we focus on and what we manifest plays a very huge part in our lives. Chanting words of positive affirmation and hope helps you cheer up your day and gives you the hope to proceed further. Do not forget to keep your expectations and goals realistic so as to avoid any possible pitfalls.

Learn to analyse yourself

Understanding oneself is crucial to track your growth pace. Unless you have the ability to analyse yourself, it would be very difficult to trace your areas of improvement and where you need more focus. Analysing oneself automatically answers the question of what can I do to improve myself.

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