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Must try desserts of Namma Bengaluru

Must try desserts of Namma Bengaluru – Part 1


If you’re a Bangalorean or even an honorary Bangalorean and have an incurable sweet tooth, then these desserts are sure to blow your mind with the yummilicious taste that will most certainly create a core memory! Remember, this is just the Part 1 of the 3 part series so make sure to follow!

Rasmalai, Punjab Grill, Rajajinagar

Starting off strong with the classic, yet evergreen Rasmalai from the Punjab Grill. Not only that this will take you for a spin in the rollercoaster of deliciousness, the extremely soft rasmalai just melts away in your mouth like dew on sunshine!

Kesar Pista tres leches, Magique, Koramangala

Mixing a little bit of Desi to the videshi, this distinct Mexican pastry has collaborated with the goodness of Indian Kesar and Pista at the Magiue restaurant in Koramangala.

Blueberry Panna Cotta, Terrace by House of Commons, JP Nagar

Hailing from the Westward country of Italy, the Panna Cotta is traditionally made with sweetened cream and gelatine. The Blueberry Panna Cotta is a little kitchen creativity which you can enjoy exclusively at the Terrace by House of Commons in JP Nagar.

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