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Flamingo Safari in INDIA?


India has a very rich and boundless biodiversity, which has given birth to innumerous amounts of wildlife reserves, sanctuaries, and much more. But, did you know that among the dense mechanical hassle of Navi Mumbai there lies a haven for birds, and even humans. Not just your regular crows and pigeons, but the bird with the highest level of pinkness – the Flamingo!

The Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary is home to thousands of marine and airborne additions of the environmental habitat and the show stars, the flamingos who turn the sky pink with their feathers along with other migratory birds who are not just a sight of pure rarity, but also a true wonder of mother nature herself.

This sanctuary is suitable to make core memories with your loved ones and is best visited at the time of Flamingo migration between February and May every year. They offer an enchanting boat ride around the sanctuary where you get the experience of your life among the flamingos, storks and many other migratory birds resting in the mix of mangroves, grasslands and woodlands. Add this location to your travel itinerary this month and experience magic like no other!

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