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3 Must have dresses for every woman!


If you have an event coming and have no clue what kind of dress you should get, you’ve found the right article. These 3 dresses are perfect for all your special occasions and complete you with a chic and elegant look!

1. Empire line dress – The name ‘Empire’ in the Empire line dresses has been crowned to the style of the garment due to its extensive usage in the royal families during the first French empire. As the name goes, the Empire line dresses have a fitted cut above the waist, making your body look toned and svelte! Pair this up with an elbow long contrast hand glove with shiny minimalist jewellery and watch as everyone’s eyes obsess over your beauty!

2. Wrap style / Blazer dress – The wrap style dresses hold a mighty advantage of making one look younger with its contemporary and stylish finish. This dress is sure to attract your audience’ attention and keep their gaze on you!

3. Print smock waisted dress – If you’re looking for a minimalist yet an aesthetic look, then the Print smock waisted dresses are the best fit for you. Pair it up with a loose and contrast shrug and a top hat and matching sandals, and you’re all set to rock your party!