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The Golden Chariot

Luxury on wheels


As we all know, Indian Railways is the world’s 4th largest railway network, owns 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the world’s longest platform and has a 169-year-old heritage and pride for our nation. To encourage tourism, the Ministry of Railways also sends luxury trains to different places all over the country.

Luxury trains in India

  • The Golden Chariot
  • Palace on wheels
  • Royal Rajasthan on wheels
  • Maharaja Express
  • The Deccan Odyssey
  • The Royal Orient
  • Fairy Queen
  • The Mahaparinirvan Express

The Golden Chariot is the pride of Southern Railways.

The Golden Chariot – The Golden Chariot is the best luxury train in South India, launched in 2008. It is known for its exemplary hospitality and splendid interiors. It is also equipped with multi-cuisine restaurants, a gym, a spa, and many more facilities. The Golden Chariot was awarded as “Asia’s Leading Luxury Train” in 2013.

The Golden Chariot is an effort to draw connections between some of the significant places that have formed South India’s history over many centuries.

The locations along the Golden Chariot path have been selected to highlight the history, culture, and architecture of the Southern region.

With their patronage of the arts and crafts, these dynasties have left a lasting impression on the landscape via elaborately carved temples and other monuments that depict the illustrious history of the nation.

The Train: The Golden Chariot train’s guest carriages have the names of the dynasties who governed south India for numerous centuries. There is a mixture of twin and double cabins in each of the four guest carriages. Thirteen double-bed cabins, thirty twin-bed cabins, and one special cabin for the specially abled make up the guest accommodations.

The two eateries, Ruchi and Nalapaka, provide a variety of delicious Indian dishes along with cuisines from across the globe. The bar Madira offers only the best wines, beers, and spirits.

Traditional Ayurvedic spa treatments are combined with cutting-edge exercise equipment at Arogya the Spa and Fitness Center.

Jewel of South, Pride of Karnataka, and Glimpse of Karnataka are the available packages for 6 nights and 7 days or lesser. Ranging from USD 3900 to USD 5250 for foreigners and INR 1,80,000 to INR 4,20,000 for Indians.

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