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Want to Upgrade Your Car? 4 Supercool DIY Arduino Projects to Consider!


While car modifications can be a strain on the wallet, Arduino microcontrollers offer a budget-friendly alternative. If you’re new to Arduino, it’s a DIY dream for any tech enthusiast. With this open-hardware, low-cost microcontroller, you can create and build practical electrical systems without breaking the bank.

These DIY Arduino projects are not just cool; they’re practical too. They’re designed to give your car a tech upgrade that’s within your reach. From a biometric vehicle entry system that eliminates the need for codes to a simple yet fully functional HUD screen, these projects can make a real difference to your driving experience.

  1. GPS Data Logger

A GPS data recorder determines the vehicle’s velocity and direction in real time while tracking and logging a device’s whereabouts at periodic times. After that, it saves this information in a memory file so that it can be transferred or replayed at another moment.

Commercial GPS data loggers are exceedingly costly despite their ease of use. You may consider constructing one instead of paying the money by utilizing an Arduino Proto shield, an Arduino UNO, and the rest of the required parts.

  1. Biometric Car Entry

A wide range of products now come equipped with biometric availability, but cars still lag in terms of this type of technology. With the help of this Arduino Nano undertaking, you can add this fantastic function to your car without going over the allocated funds.

Access is granted or denied based on the identification of the user via a fingerprint scanner and an Arduino Nano linked to a bespoke CAN bus adapter. When finished, it improves your car’s safety features and enables keyless access.

  1. Head-Up Display for Your Windshield

Maintaining your focus on the highway is facilitated by a head-up display, sometimes known as a HUD, which displays information directly onto the front windshield. It is currently a standard feature in automobiles, but it was first employed in military planes. It reduces obstacles, so as you get comfortable with it, driving gets a little more enjoyable and secure.

  1. Breathalyzer With MQ-3 and LEGO Parts

Getting a breathalyzer is a good idea if you enjoy drinking but drive consistently. When attempting to drive, it will assist you in determining whether or not all of the liquor has been removed from the bloodstream. Being able to act like a traffic cop for a moment and prevent your loved ones from driving after drinking makes a breathalyzer extremely useful. 

Though carrying around the one you made seems more fulfilling, you may always purchase one from a store. What’s the most satisfying part? You’ll need a few very simple-to-find items, such as the MQ-3, an analog alcohol sensor module, an ANAVI gas analyzer to keep an eye on potentially hazardous materials, and a smaller OLED screen.

These 4 amazing DIY Arduino-powered projects are more than just fun upgrades. They can significantly enhance your car’s safety and functionality, making them an excellent starting point whether you’re looking to personalize your ride, make it an unforgettable experience, or add a little extra horsepower.

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