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Drive in Saturday to Cloudbusting: 6 Best Uniquely Crafted Songs Inspired by Science!


Are you someone who exuberantly chases scientific theories and facts? Is someone bored of songs woven with unrealistic pieces of words stolen from fantasy worlds? If yes, we’ve collected some spectacularly unique songs inspired by science, for you to sway your head to vibe and think about.

Drive on Saturday (1973)

Drive in Saturday is a uniquely striking song by David Bowie, set in a futuristic world after an apocalypse where humans no longer remember how to do sex, and have to rely on old movies of the 1960s and 70s to learn about it.

Quantum Theory (2006)

Quantum Theory by Jarvis Cocker is a comforting song about the parallel universe. A world where everything is perfectly fine. Parallel universe has been taken as a thought to console oneself from the excruciating pain of our reality on earth. In Quantum Theory, Jarvis says, “Somewhere everyone’s happy. Somewhere fishes do not have bones.”

Reflektor (2013)

Reflektor is a song that echoes the troubles lashed down at us by technological progress. Arcade Fire wanted to stress the issues of alienation sprouted by the internet age. The lyrics are deeply moving. “We are so connected, but are we even friends?” These lines reflect the closed box where we live with haunting shadows of loneliness.

Jupiter Crash (1996)

Here comes a uniquely thrilling song that talks about the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet’s crash on Jupiter. In 1994, the world observed the event with startling expressions. You’ll also love the stringing of guitar for its enrapturing beat like the thrashing of waves on the shore.

Na Cl (1978)

Na Cl by Kate and Anna McGarrigle, is an exceptional song that talks about the romantic relationship between chlorine and sodium atoms. The song will surely make you think and chortle if you’re a science enthusiast. By the way, this couple marries to emerge as sodium chloride.

Cloudbusting (1985)

Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting is inspired by Peter Reich’s memoir titled “A Book Of Dreams“. Thus, the song revolves around Wilhelm Reich and his son Peter, singing from Peter’s viewpoint. The song talks about the good old times Peter had with his father in their family farm where they spent time cloudbusting.

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