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Alice In Borderland to Erased: 4 Best Japanese Series On Netflix To Fall In Love With Japan


Are you someone with a heart that goes pitter-patter about Japanese anime? Or a diehard fan of Korean series with riveting plots? If yes, Japan has some intriguing series streaming on Netflix! From a thriller packed with horrendous scenes to an exceptional plot filled with Japanese cuisines, these series are woven with Japan’s striking tradition, captivating creativity, and colorful culture. Here’s the list of series to binge-watch on Netflix right now!

Alice in Borderland

Enjoyed watching Squid Game? If yes, Alice in Borderland is a gripping series that follows the story of Arisu and his friends, and their excruciating struggle to survive. After an incident that made them hide inside the public toilet, they’re shocked to step out into an abandoned world where the people have mysteriously disappeared. Now, they should indulge in a dangerous game in order to prevent being brutally executed. Will they succeed in surviving?

Fishbowl Wives

Fishbowl Wives revolves around the lives of three wives trapped in the tunnel of societal expectations, and their desperate longing to be independent. Although the series follows three women haunted by awful fate, the central protagonist is Sakura and her struggle to unshackle the abusive relationship with her husband. This series, set in contemporary Japan, shows us that women still struggle today despite the progressiveness of this world.

Samurai Gourmet

Are you someone who loves devouring different types of cuisines? Samurai Gourmet is a uniquely spellbinding series that follows the story of a retired businessman named Takeshi Kasumi, and his journey to discovering culinary interest. Throughout the series, Kasumi explores many restaurants with sumptuous food. Each meal is connected with some delicious memories. The series also shows the joy of truly savouring food.


This one is for thriller enthusiasts! With the incredible blend of mystery, supernatural elements and thriller, get ready to feel immersed in this gripping story. Erased, based on the manga with the same name, is about a manga artist named Satoru Fujinuma, and his eccentrically bewitching talent to travel back in time. From saving his mother from being killed to preventing the tragedies in the past, the series is brimming with engaging scenes and twists to drown you.

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