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Top Trends That Will Redefine And Rule the Education Sector!


As technology scurries with advancements, the way we learn needs to be upgraded. From Micro Learning to Inquiry Based Learning, there are mind-blowing fads that will redefine education and make your experience more immersively interesting than ever! If you’re excited to know about the trends being unveiled in education industry, here’s the list to look forward

Micro learning

Isn’t it boring to sit for hours and force your drowsy eyes to bulge out at the teacher explaining a whale of a subject? With Micro learning, the information will be cut into small chunks, in a way more engaging and easy to swallow! It takes less than ten minutes, and you can dive back to the same topic as many times as you want.

Personalised Learning

With personalised learning, it gets easier to grasp! By considering your strengths, needs and interests , you will be provided with a uniquely customised learning plan. Personalised learning helps you nurture and empower yourself at your own pace. Each student will be taught differently with a uniquely tailored learning plan rather than sticking with one plan for the entire class


It’s an interesting and engaging approach to learning. By employing gamified elements in the classroom, with points, badges and many more, learning gets hilariously immersing. It boosts students’ knowledge retention as well as keeps you motivated. Games are also believed to sprout more skills in students like critical thinking, problem solving, social awareness etc

Hybrid Learning

With hybrid Learning, you can remotely learn from home. It’s the amalgamation of in-person and virtual learning. This accessible learning approach can increase the size of class as well as provide personalised learning experience. Hybrid Learning is not the synonym of blended learning. In blended learning, physical presence is required but technology is employed to enrich the experience.

Metacognitive Strategy

It’s all about asking students to think about how they’re thinking to keep them aware of their learning and grasping experience. By analysing one’s thinking, students can improve their learning practices by identifying the errors in their approach. This also boosts their knowledge retention.

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning is an active learning approach where students are allowed to shoot questions and investigate problems. This active learning method comes with a plethora of benefits like boosting creativity, connecting students to the real world, improving communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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