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‘Potential Fraud Calls’: Is There a Way to Stop Them?


Ever be in a really important office meeting, in the middle of a critical discussion, then your phone goes off, and you pick it up and answer, only for the other side to tell you that you’ve won a lottery you never took part in? We’ve all been there and found them to be an absolute nuisance. Everyone has the same question – “god, how do I stop these calls?” Fret not, here’s everything you need to know about fraudulent calls and how to stop them:

Okay, why do these unwanted calls exist?

Unwanted calls have many purposes, mostly telemarketing, sales pitches, or promotional offers you never asked for. Some are also blatant scams that impersonate a bank you may not even be registered with, trying to get your details and steal your money. Some of us may have gotten a call that claims to be from the Prime Minister!

But why am I getting so many calls?

There are many reasons, but we could pin it down to one main reason. There are many mobile phone users in India, meaning more people are scammed. But why do they have your number? You’d consider never putting your number anywhere online to register for a site after realizing sometimes it’s sold to these telemarketers!

How do I stop them?

It’s easier than you think. The government has created a national registry called the Customer Preference Registration Facility. Register your mobile number to this Registry to avoid most commercial calls. Here’s how:

  • By Text or Call: You can text “START” or call the number 1909, which will instantly register you for the Registry.
  • Or, the app: You can download the TRAI DND 2.0 app from the Google Play store and register that way. 
  • But what if I’m still getting these calls? Simple: You can complain to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. You can send the number an SMS in the format: The UCC, XXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy, where XXXXXXXXXX is the offending number.

Key points to Remember:

  • Never give out personal information like passwords or bank account details over the phone.
  • If you are unsure about a call, it’s best to hang up.
  • You can register your phone number on the NCPR to reduce unwanted calls.

Final Words:

Fight the frustration! Register your number and report unwanted spamming calls. Together, we can create a quieter call environment. 

Be informed, stay safe, and enjoy your phone!