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My Way To Gloomy Sunday: 5 Songs that killed People In Real Life


Songs are widely embraced by the world for the echoes of emotions they flourish in the hearts of listeners. But what if it goes beyond the limit, to the extent of inciting brutal attacks and bitter deaths? From My Way by Frank Sinatra to Gloomy Sunday by Rezso Seress, there are some deadly songs that snatched the lives of listeners. So here’s the list of songs you should never get addicted to.

My Way, Frank Sinatra

Have you heard of My Way Killings? “My Way Killings” is a bizarrely shocking phenomenon that swept the karaoke bars in the Philippines with blood of brutal deaths. Around 12 murders were reported, all killings happened while playing the karaoke of Frank Sinatra’s My Way. The world is still clueless about the incidents, some critics take it as a mere coincidence while others point out “the aggressive pride” in the lyrics.

Suicide Solution, Ozzy Osbourne

Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne has encouraged a teen to shot himself to death. The lines, “Suicide is the only way out” has lashed down at him with an urge to end everything. The same year, another death linked to this deadly song was reported. Osbourne was taken to court, but he claimed that “the song’s about the dangers of alcoholism”. Isn’t it terrifying to see that a mere misinterpretation of a song could lead one to death?

Better By You, Better Than Me, Judas Priest

Better By You, Better Than Me is another bizarre song that almost led to the deaths of two boys named James Vance and Raymond Belknap. These two little men were seen drowning in drugs. Though both of them decided to kill themselves, Vance had only injured himself. The lines in the song, “let’s be dead” and “do it” were later accused of propelling such suicidal thoughts and actions. The band was also taken and judged by the court.

Gloomy Sunday, Rezso Seress

Gloomy Sunday is another deadly song that has swept the world in gloom. Rezso Seress crafted this deadly melody when he was sinking in deep despair, the rejection by the music industry, the unbearable loss of love, the dooming career and the broken chunks of hope. Luckily, Gloomy Sunday would reap the world’s attention, and would continually be played but only to propel one suicide after another. Many corpses were discovered with the lyrics in their suicide notes. Gloomy Sunday is now referred to as “The Hungarian Suicide Song”.

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