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World Cheers India’s Filter Coffee! The Secret Behind Its #2 Ranking


This is great news for Indian coffee lovers: Our beloved South Indian Filter coffee has now been rated #2 on TasteAtlas’s top coffees in the world list! The aromatic beverage has not only woken us up with its delightful aroma but has also brewed a global reputation for its flavor. So, why is it “#2-in-the-world” special? Let’s find out!

A Rich Tradition Steeped in History

Taking the time machine, we can find the first instances of coffee in India in the 17th century, when the Sufi saints from Yemen introduced coffee beans to the southern shores of India. The South Indians devised methods to brew coffee, and over the centuries, it evolved to the state it is today—an ingenious two-chamber drip system for maximum taste.

The Art of the Perfect Filter Coffee

The taste of the iconic South Indian Coffee lies in the enchanting brewing process. Coffee beans are ground to a fine powder and put in a chamber, followed by hot water that extracts the essence to die for and drips it down to the second chamber. It’s a slow and patient process, all for the fragrant coffee, rid of its bitterness while keeping its flavor. The coffee is then mixed with milk and sugar for our iconic South Indian Filter Coffee.

Beyond the Brew: Flavor & Flair

There’s more than brewing that makes this coffee wake you up better than your 5 AM alarms. The coffee beans are the key, mostly Arabica, for their smooth and slightly sweet taste as opposed to other coffees. This sweetness is accompanied by some chicory root, roasted with ground beans for that nutty taste. It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s such a delightful beverage. Of course, it would be incomplete without the froth! It is then whipped to make a thick and creamy layer and served inside the steel cups we all know and love, the traditional Dabarah. The result? The smell of the coffee spread in the air, along with a warm wake-up call with textural bliss in a cup.

In conclusion, India’s filter coffee has proven to be beyond a way to cope with the 5 AM wake-ups and the blaring alarms. It has proven to be a culture, a conversation starter, and a family ritual. Ultimately, our beloved brews have connected us more than we think.