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Aromatic Whispers: A Connect Between Iconic Perfumes & Most Celebrated Personalities (Beauty & Self Care – No. 4)


Is there any connection between fragrances and aesthetics?

Adding an attractive aroma to cosmetics is one of the purposes of perfumes. Simultaneously, fragrances have a unique quality that elevates the style and personality of the wearer by providing a pleasant emotional response when used. Perfumes create a sense of inner well-being. Thus, in the beauty and fashion industry, fragrances make the wearer more attractive, beautiful, and luxurious when applied to cosmetics or used as perfume. The way you use perfumes reflects your personality and worldview. It set the scene by eliciting solid emotions. 

The beauty industry has adapted motifs and styles from movies and celebrated personalities, which later became popular fashion symbols. Here are some interesting facts about iconic fragrances and their creations inspired by famous personalities. 

The Embodiment Of Timeless Elegance – Chanel No. 5

The first perfume launched by Gabrielle’ Coco’ Chanel in 1921, Chanel no. 5, was known as the iconic smell of the era, reflecting the individuality and freedom of 1920’s women. The interesting back story of this fragrance began when Chanel met a French-Russian perfumer, Earnest Beaux, and asked him to create a unique scent that ‘smells like a woman, not a rose’. When the olfactory notes were presented, Chanel chose the fifth one and decided to launch it on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year, May, as she thought the number 5 would bring good luck to the brand. Her intuition didn’t go wrong, and the perfume became one of the world’s most celebrated and luxurious brands. 

Chanel no 5 celebrated its 100th Birthday in May 2021. Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe’s famous response to the question “What do you wear to bed?” was “Just a few drops of No. 5,” which contributed to the perfume’s rise in popularity.  

The Fragrance Of Unparalleled Ambition- Creed Aventus 

‘Evoking the legendary men whose inspiration and drive have changed the face of the world,‘ the UK-based cosmetic and perfume company quoted these lines when they launched its iconic fragrance for the modern man, Creed Aventus, inspired by the legendary emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The bold and loud fragrances of pineapple, birch, and ambergris reflect the wearer’s charisma, strength, ambition, and self-confidence.

The Fragrant Ode To Eternal Love – Guerlain Shalimar

Jacques Guerlain, the celebrated perfumer, was the man behind the creation of the iconic fragrance Guerlain Shalimar. The name was adapted from Shalimar Gardens, the beautiful garden created by Shah Jahan for his love, Mumtaz Mahal, as a tribute. Its abundant and mysterious vanilla, iris, and tonka bean notes create a luxurious aura reminiscent of a bygone era. It transports one to a world of exotic love and passion.