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5 Best 90s Horror Movies That Will Scare The Daylights Out Of You!


Are you a horror enthusiast who cherry-picks gory movies to keep you hooked? From The Exorcist III to The Blair Witch Project, 90s produced bewitchingly breathless movies, brimming with supernatural creatures, bloody zombies, psychopaths and many more. It was an era of experimentation in the horror genre with a blend of gory, thriller and comedy. Though 90’s movies are not popular, this transitional era produced some timeless gems that will definitely quench your thirst for feeling scared.

The Exorcist III (1990)

If you’re someone who loves watching movies with gripping stories of psychopaths, this one will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. The Exorcist III directed by William Peter Blatty is a psychological horror with a bloody blend of serial killing and demonic possession. Though the movie lacks excessive gore and pool of blood, the movie will make your blood run cold.

Tremors (1990)

This movie will introduce you to strange wormlike monsters from underground who heinously wolf down humans one by one. Tremors is such an epic classic horror revolving around townspeople and their desperate attempt to flee and fight against the prehistoric giant monsters. If your eyes are hungry for movies with supernatural creatures, this one is definitely for you.

Dead Alive (1992)

Before Train to Bustan and All Of Us Are Dead, we had another classic with Zombie apocalypse. Dead Alive or Braindead tells the story of an overprotective mother, Vera, who gets bitten by a strange Sumatran rat-monkey while chasing her son and lover on their way to the zoo. Vera dies and turns into a ravenous zombie who gradually infects the neighbours. Lionel, the protagonist, is left to fight against the zombie outbreak.

Scream (1996)

Scream, directed by Wes Craven, is a slasher horror that rekindled people’s interest in the horror genre. The movie revolves around a teenage girl named Sidney Prescott who becomes the target of Ghostface, a serial killer. If you’re someone who loves thriller movies with twists and turns, watch Scream and quench your thirst by discovering the identity of Ghostface.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project released back in 1999 is a spellbinding supernatural film where three students embark on a journey to Maryland to capture a documentary on Blair Witch. But the students disappear, and you’ll be seeing the footage left by them. If you’re someone who grew up listening to the stories of witches, you should watch this immediately.