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Open Schooling in India: Disruptor or Sidekick in Education’s Future?


Let’s talk about ‘Open schooling’ (OS), which is probably one of the most flexible yet the most controversial modes of education. On one end, there are the advantages of being online; on the other, there is the fear of the student slacking off and their future ruined. It’s confusing, and it’s hard to pick a side. Is it the new step for education, or is it a force that could disrupt education? Or is it merely a sidekick? Let’s talk about it today.

OS: Offering a Second Chance

Let’s discuss the main reasons Open Schooling is a concept. It is an alternative to the usual path of formal education, and no, it’s definitely different from homeschooling! It caters to students who might have dropped out or can’t attend school due to complications by bringing the school to them! It’s the equivalent of getting a certificate from any ordinary school, which benefits the kid, too.

Advantages of OS

  • It’s flexible. Not having to stay in a separate space from home for 8 hours a day allows the child to pursue other hobbies. Not to mention, it’s independent of time and location constraints!
  • Generally, it’s pretty personalized. Open Schooling helps your child craft their own approach to learning, rather than the same treatment for all students in traditional schools.
  • Not to mention the wider subject choice! The curriculum is broader, beyond academic skills. Music, arts, vocational or life skills, you name it, and it’s most likely there!

Potential Disruptions

  • There’s a concern about its legitimacy. Well, it’s legitimate, but there’s a doubt that OS degrees would be as strong as a traditional one.
  • The main worry is the quality of teaching. There’s no assurance that a teacher would cater to your kid’s needs. The lack of direct connection could cause the child to lag in their education.
  • And, of course, the bridge infrastructure between students and their teachers. Ensuring the kid feels at home regardless of the digital divide is essential for the OS’s legitimacy.

OS as a Sidekick

But what about Open Schooling as a sidekick, an alternative rather than a replacement?

  • Education will be more accessible. This is great for people who live in remote areas, as it makes education more widespread.
  • It also promotes lifelong learning. The flexibility of OS can serve as a valuable tool for skill development.
  • Lastly, there is a reduction in dropout rates. OS offers a second chance, which would curb dropout rates significantly.

The Road Ahead

The future of Open Schooling in India hinges on addressing potential challenges and leveraging its strengths. Parents need to have the assurance that signing their kids up to open schools will not affect them badly. OS could evolve into a powerful sidekick, but would it revolutionize education? Only time can tell.

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