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From Ramayana to Reality: Did India Just Build a REAL Pushpak Viman?


Remember that epic chariot from the Ramayana, the Pushpak Viman? The one that could fly anywhere, anytime, even changing size at will? Hold onto your spacesuits because India’s space agency, ISRO, has unveiled something unique with a futuristic twist: their very own Pushpak Viman!

ISRO’s latest innovation isn’t a mythical chariot (sorry, no size-changing chariots yet). However, a cutting-edge reusable launch vehicle (RLV) named Pushpak Viman. Like its namesake, this spacecraft can take off, deliver cargo into space, and then return for a safe landing.

Pushpak’s Successful Test Flight:

Recently, the “swadeshi space shuttle” named Pushpak, an SUV-sized winged rocket, executed a successful test landing on a runway in Karnataka. Lifted and dropped from an Air Force Chinook helicopter, the test was praised by ISRO chief S Somanath for its “excellent and precise” outcomes. The mission simulated the RLV’s high-speed landing after space flight, with the vehicle autonomously approaching the runway and landing accurately, utilizing a brake parachute, landing gear brakes, and nose wheel steering system.

The Journey So Far:

Over a decade ago, a hardworking crew of engineers and scientists started building the space shuttle. The 6.5-m beast, which weighs around 1.75 tons. It is equipped with tiny yet powerful thrusters that guide the vehicle into a safe landing as it descends, has been given a whopping ₹ 100 crore in funding from the government.

So, is this the REAL Pushpak Viman? 

No, at least not yet! While this winged wonder is still in its testing phase, its successful trials look promising. This is enough to ensure it will be possible for us. With each milestone achieved, India edges closer to realizing its vision of affordable and sustainable space travel. The public is excited, scientists are dreaming big. And who knows—maybe one day, we’ll be cruising through the cosmos in our very own Pushpak Viman. Just like in the Ramayana.

What if Pushpak Viman gets real?

Safe to say the Pushpak Viman could change travel as we know it today –

  • Space Tourism: Zipping up to see the Earth from space in a vehicle named after a mythological flying chariot. It would be the new normal! 
  • Hypersonic Travel: The Pushpak Viman’s technology could revolutionize travel, making places like London a hop, skip, and a sonic boom away!
  • Space Housekeeping: Addressing orbital debris, it could act as a reusable satellite maintenance tool, ensuring a cleaner cosmic environment.

Although it’s tough to predict anything right now, one thing’s for sure. With the Pushpak Viman soaring into the sky, the fate of Indian space exploration is looking brighter than a million diyas!

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